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Would you like to experience the Antwerp Art Weekend in a group? Join one of Kunst aan Zet's Gallery Hopping tours. An experienced guide takes you through one of the four main areas of Antwerp: Zuid, Nieuw-Zuid, Borgerhout, and the historical center to explore the gallery scene in each area. Discover the artists and exhibitions, and meet gallerists in the good company of Kunst aan Zet and Kunst in Huis.

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Each tour lasts about 1 hour and 30 minutes, requires walking from space to space, and are primarily Flemish-spoken. Are you an English speaker or do you have questions about mobility during the tours? Contact us for the possibilities.

"Het Zuid", or Antwerp's South area, was typically the city's gallery district. While it's still home to some of Antwerp's most established galleries and museums, you can now also find young and emerging initiatives in this area. Take a break along the river Scheldt, in the newly finished Zuidpark, or enjoy some of the city's trendiest placed to have a drink or bite.

This tour passes:
· Kunst in Huis (start of the tour)
· PLUS-ONE Gallery (South)
· LLS Paleis - Aan 't Water
· Shoobil Gallery
· Kunst in Huis at Zuiderspershuis
· /THE PLATFORM (end of the tour)

18.05 12:00-13:30 (tickets)
18.05 14:00-15:30 (tickets)
18.05 16:00-17:30 (tickets)

Borgerhout is Antwerp's liveliest, and most densely populated area. What used to be the little sister to the Zuid area, is now an arts district in its own right, still charactarized by the bottom-up ethos on which most spaces here were founded. In recent years, a new crop of artist-driven spaces have opened here, only adding to Borgerhout's dynamism.

This tour passes:
· Base-Alpha Gallery (start of the tour)
· Pizza Gallery
· Lichtekooi
· DMW Gallery
· Violet (end of the tour)

18.05 12:00-13:30 (tickets)
18.05 14:00-15:30 (tickets)
18.05 16:00-17:30 (tickets)

Nieuw Zuid is Antwerp's newest and fastest developing area, where architectural high-rise buildings form a new skyline along the river scheldt. This development, led by some of Antwerp's leading galleries that moved their operations there, is quickly extending Antwerp's cultural center towards its most southern border.

This tour passes:
· Tim Van Laere Gallery (start of the tour)
· Everyday Gallery
· Gallery Sofie Van de Velde (New South)
· PLUS-ONE Gallery (New South)
· Kunst in Huis at Zuiderspershuis (end of the tour)

19.05 12:00-13:30 (tickets)
19.05 14:00-15:30 (tickets)
19.05 16:00-17:30 (tickets)

Antwerp's historical center offers an interesting juxtaposition of cultural heritage and contemporary art. In the city's most tourist-friendly area, you'll find lot's of cultural, historical, and architectural treasures illustrating Antwerp's rich heritage when it comes to art, both in the past and today.

This tour passes:
· Coppejans Gallery (start of the tour)
· Galerie TRANSIT
· valerie_traan gallery
· De Zwarte Panter (end of the tour)

19.05 12:00-13:30 (tickets)
19.05 14:00-15:30 (tickets)
19.05 16:00-17:30 (tickets)

Self-Guided Tours

Discover our series of thematic self-guided tours with handy maps that you can download, follow, or print yourself at home!

Departing from several thematic throughlines amongst the programs of our participants, they can get you started during your visit to the Antwerp Art Weekend and inspire you to visit these spaces again once the AAW is finished.

The city of Antwerp is widely known for its rich cultural heritage. From Gothic and Renaissance periods to contemporary designs, our cityscape showcases an inspiring blend of old and new. This diversity in historical architecture is also reflected in the Antwerp Art Weekend program. Discover a selection of initiatives in historically unique contexts, that show local icons, or spaces that recontextualize our Antwerp heritage or historical themes for today.


Download the AAW History Now map here.

Contemporary art comments on the world around us, providing a document of what moves us collectively. Not only in abstract terms, but also physically. One half of the exhibitions in this selection respond to, or reflect on questions around ecology, and wonder if we really are on terra firma. The other half reaffirms the romantic connection we have with nature, through the poetics of water and light.

FOMU, Gallery FIFTY ONE, Kunsthal Extra City, KMSKA, Newchild, PONTI, SECONDroom, Tim Van Laere Gallery

Download the AAW Elements of Ecology map here.

The human body has been an inexhaustible theme throughout art history, but how do these representations influence our perception of these subjects? In this selection, you can discover projects that reflect on representations of bodies, as a means for identity building, through the use of visceral imagery, or as a way of affirming the autonomy of one’s cultural heritage.

The Constant Cinema, /THE PLATFORM, DE SINGEL, IN-DEPENDANCE by IBASHO, MoMu Fashion Museum Antwerp, Stieglitz 19, TICK TACK OFF-SITE, Violet

Download the AAW Bodies map here.

Discover the Antwerp Art Weekend with your little ones. In these selected spaces, they experience contemporary art through playful exhibitions that spark their curiosity, and affirm that art is indeed all fun and games. All the spaces in this selection are in close proximity to playgrounds or parks, where you can pause, picnic, or stop for ice cream in between visits!

Archipel, Base-Alpha Gallery, De Wael 15, FRED&FERRY, Het Bos, Huiskamer, KETELEER GALLERY, The Oracle

Download the AAW for Kids map here.

Let’s face it, the people of Antwerp have great taste. Even if every street feels like a patchwork quilt, around every corner elements of architectural interest can be found. The Antwerp Art Weekend program is stacked with interesting exhibitions, but sometimes the buildings that house them merit equal attention. Included in this selection are spaces that, besides hosting excellent exhibitions, stand out for their architectural qualities. 

12, Axel Vervoordt Gallery, DE SINGEL, Newchild, TICK TACK & de boer, Tim Van Laere Gallery, valerie_traan gallery, ZEIT

Download the AAW Architecture map here.

The Antwerp Art Weekend includes over 70 venues throughout the city of Antwerp. With each venue offering extended programming, the Antwerp Art Weekend is stacked with exhibitions, events, activities, parties, and much more. Our website works as your digital guide, and gives an overview of everything there is to experience during the Antwerp Art Weekend.

Would you like to get in-person guidance or help with mapping out your route, visit our Antwerp Art Info Point at M HKA, where we will happily help you get started, answer all your questions and give you some tips on how to make the most of your AAW-experience.

If you would like to plan your visit a little more in advance, you can browse through our mobile-friendly map. Good to know is that when you click on an address, Google Maps will direct you there with the fastest route.

Do you prefer to navigate the Antwerp Art Weekend with a physical map? Get your copy during the Antwerp Art Weekend at one of the participating venues, or at Antwerp's tourist offices at Het Steen or the Central Station.

Visit our practical page for more information on getting to, and around in Antwerp.