Pizza Gallery

Step into a world where Paquita Gallegos' minimalist mastery transforms plaster, paper, wood, and metal into captivating sculptural and abstract wonders. Inspired by the likes of Vanessa Beecroft and Frans West, Gallegos reimagines the book of Genesis, offering a fresh, contemplative perspective on religious themes.

Born in the vibrant heart of Lima, Gallegos' art is a fusion of rich cultural influences here and abroad. Her solo exhibition at Pizza Gallery is not just a showcase; it's a mesmerizing tale of personal growth and introspection. Gallegos bridges the gap between her Catholic upbringing, Peruvian heritage, and evolving artistic vision, creating an allegorical dance between her own Genesis and the biblical narrative.

Come by for an unforgettable experience, where Paquita Gallegos invites you to witness the magic of her artistic evolution in a celebration of talent and deep-rooted inspirations.

Pizza Gallery is an initiative by artist Robert Monchen, where during the summer, the space is a pizza place, selling pizza in order to fund a years worth of exhibitions in the very same space. All of the equipment gets moved out and what remains is a relatively small space with a large vitrine, hosting solo projects with lots of room for experimentation and engagement with its location.