“What compels these men to attack? Why are men so disturbed by this spectacle? Why do they get involved so entirely? Why this needless fighting? What is sport? What is it that man puts into sport? Himself, his world. Sport is intended as a statement of the human contract.” (Roland Barthes, 1961)

Sport is a grateful metaphor for the condition humaine, for political power structures, social relations, the art world, ... Does sport express man's "superiority" over the resistance of things (nature, animal, gravity, time, ...)? Doesn't the pursuit of victory over things lead to an objectification - the "becoming of things" - of man himself? What is the toll of that struggle on man and the body? Is it still appropriate to cheer for the victory over things, while we are increasingly being told to be ashamed of the Anthropocene? These questions/reflections constitute the field of play for this group exhibition.