During the Antwerp Art Weekend, KETELEER GALLERY presents 'De Goede Richting', a new solo exhibition by Floris Van Look. Van Look's third solo exhibition with the gallery will consist of an entirely new series of oil paintings and sculptures.

KETELEER GALLERY opened its doors in 2012 and organically evolved into a family driven business in which a dynamic and open contact with the local and international artworld became its core focus while continuously honoring Belgium’s rich art history. The familial aspect is reflected in a warm and welcoming environment, aimed at lowering the threshold to offer an inspiring experience to a broad and diverse audience.

In September 2019, KETELEER GALLERY moved to a new space at the Pourbusstraat in the South of Antwerp, a well-known building where many galleries created a now famous history. Centrally located between the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, the M HKA, the FOMU and the ‘New South’, this location is a symbol for new collaborations and the joining of both young and established, forgotten and world famous, off-centre and leading Belgian and international artists.