Base-Alpha Gallery

'Souvenirs from whimsical travels' is a processing of the photo archive of the last 3 years in the life of Bernadette Sochacki, the mother of artist Lieven Segers. During this period, when life showed itself at its most merciless, mother and son made a remarkable number of short journeys to celebrate life and seek enlightenment.

For Lieven Segers, these physical and mental journeys have become the subject for a series of psychedelic collages, which form fragmentary and non-linear memories of the last intense contacts with his mother. The collages were then handed over to a professional to turn them into a “whimsical” souvenir.

Lieven Segers consciously chooses to approach this sensitive subject artistically and at the same time playfully. Through his own tragicomic method, he strikes a subtle balance between releasing very personal images and an open, cheerful view of life.

Base-Alpha Gallery was founded in 2007 by Bart Vanderbiesen. With its aim to primarily promote and support young Belgian artists, the gallery has played a pivotal role in the growth of represented artists such as Nadia Naveau, Denie Put, and Lieven Segers (among others), with whom it holds a committed and sustainable relation. However, there is also room for presentations of and collaborations with international artists. The gallery continues to strive for fresh and visionary exhibitions, for example by showing artists at the very start of their career, or by giving artists complete carte blanche in the space.