Base-Alpha Gallery

Beta-Vision pursues the perception of space. According to neurological theses all we see and perceive is just electric impulse in our brain. In such a way Gianin Conrad simulates another view of world and things in the rooms of the Base Alpha Gallery.
Fences are drawn to define space. Without demarcation space is not determinable. Fences divide wildness from pasture, create an overview and model terrain. Fences keep the undesirable outside and enable a controlled use of the staked-out field. In these principles, known to Conrad from his mountainy homeland, a landscape he grew up on, he detects a universal comprehension of space.
 “It is just so, as the physics teacher explained at school: There, in front of your eyes, is just an ocean of electromagnetic rays, a wild billowy mix of various wavelengths.”
As Beta-Vision Conrad shows this in- and outsight of electric impulse, build into a beautiful landscape or well-proportioned form by our brains.
 In Conrads works the definition of an art piece is not concrete. The special borders – where something starts and ends physically as well as conceptually – are fluent. The question, whether a piece is in the process of becoming or already ended its journey, cannot be answered, since the borders of a process are fluid also.
Leaving behind traditions of the modernistic sculpture and concept art, he develops an independent conclusive system, made of impulses – visual and physical – consisting of various impressions and experiences.