M HKA Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp

During Antwerp Art Weekend, The Constant Now showcases the work of four intriguing artists from different parts of the world, all working with film.

Each day features a new film, ranging from artist films to documentaries, screened continuously and accompanied by live conversations with the makers. Ndayé Kouagou, Rosine Mbakam, Kevin Osepa, and Brahim Tall, each with their unique approach, push the boundaries of film by representing and centering people of color (POC), reclaiming visual and narrative sovereignty.

This event is not just about the films, but also about the conversations and the collective reflection they inspire, especially within institutional frameworks that (cl)aim to be inclusive. The Constant Cinema is commissioned by Antwerp Art Weekend, curated and moderated by Magali Elali, founder of The Constant Now.

Find this project in M HKA's INBOX on the museum's 5th floor.

Discover the full 4-day program here.

For the exhibition 'Jef Verheyen. Windows on the Infinite' at KMSKA, Pieter Vermeersch created a site-specific work: on a pivoting wall, he applied a gradual mural. Vermeersch is one of the five contemporary artists in dialogue with the work of Jef Verheyen at KMSKA, at the request of curator Annelien De Troij. She worked for years on Verheyen's archive and explored the way the artist prioritised spatiality, light and colour.

In this talk, Pieter Vermeersch and Annelien De Troij will explore Vermeersch's methodology, the experience of art that Verheyen aimed for, and the way colour, time and spatiality are present in Vermeersch and Verheyen's oeuvre.

The artist talk takes place at M HKA, 19 May at 15:00. Following this talk, there will be an opportunity to purchase the publication accompanying the exhibition. 'Jef Verheyen. Windows on the Infinite'.

A conversation between Antje Majewski and Azhar Jandossova (Alma Museum, Almaty, Kazachstan) With an introduction by Paul Van Laer (Nationale Boomgaardstichting).

This year the museum's top floor will be transformed into an engaging installation dedicated to apples as part of the Superhost project organized by Antje Majewski and Pawel Freisler. You can visit a real apple museum from Almaty, temporarily hosted by M HKA.

During an event on 18 May from 15:00 to 16:00, we will discuss the origin and distribution of apples with experts.

15:00-15:40 Introduction by Paul Van Laer (coordinator National Orchard Foundation of Belgium)

The art of breeding grew into a regular practice worldwide. In his introduction, renowed pomologist Paul Van Laer takes us on an apple journey through history, from the Tian Shan mountains in Kazakhstan to the Herb Garden in Leuven.

15:40-16:00 Converstation between artist Antje Majewski and Azhar Jandossova (Alma Museum, Almaty, Kazakhstan)

The original ancestor of our cultivated apple, the Malus sieversii, comes from Kazakhstan. This variety is a source of genetic apple diversity, but unfortunately, it is currently threatened with extinction due to climate change and imported tree species. Jandossova and Majewski engage in conversation, discussing why the wild apple forests in the Tian Shan Mountains are not only important for Kazakhstan but for the whole world, and how we can make room for cultivated crops.

'De Stadscollectie Antwerpen' is a lively tribute to the artists who give colour to the city of Antwerp. From emerging talent to established names, this collection highlights local creativity but also the global influence of Antwerp's art scene.

Antwerp is widely known for its contemporary art scene. With artists, galleries and artistic initiatives that resonate internationally, the city has been a pole of attraction for artists from all over the world for many years. In 2021, on the initiative of the city of Antwerp, the M HKA launched 'De Stadscollectie Antwerpen' (The Antwerp City Collection): a dynamic collection of contemporary visual art. Each year, the M HKA makes careful choices, striving not for excess, but for a well-considered selection of museum standard.

With 'De Stadscollectie Antwerpen', the M HKA and the city of Antwerp aim for a diverse and international contemporary art heritage. This does not only include Antwerp artists, but also foreign artists of significance for Antwerp galleries and historical catch-up artists. In the first years, the focus was on younger artists living and working in Antwerp. For the 2024 presentation, the focus shifts to reference artists from Antwerp galleries. Discover this collection from May onwards in the freely accessible collection wing on the ground floor of the M HKA.

Join us on the occasion of the first day of MEAN, Vedran Kopljar’s exhibition at M HKA, for a performative and musical introduction to his project. The event takes place on May 18 from 16:00, in presence of the artist, Vedran Kopljar and curator, Anne-Claire Schmitz. Entrance is free with an exhibition ticket, no reservation required.

For Antwerp Art Weekend's 10th anniversary, M HKA functions as the central location. Here you can visit our official Antwerp Art Info Point, and participate in a special project curated by Magali Elali (The Constant Now). Celebrate the kick-off of our 10th anniversary, with a banging opening party in the museum on Thursday May 16, from 21:00-01:00.

M HKA Museum of Contemporary Art is Antwerp’s museum for art, film and visual culture in the widest sense. Since 1987, M HKA has been housed in a converted warehouse in Antwerp’s South district, and possesses 4000 square metres of exhibition space devoted to art from 1960s to the present day. It offers a space of encounter for the public and the artistic community alike with contemporary art, bridging the international and the regional, culture and society, tradition and innovation, reflection and presentation.

The museum presents ambitious large-scale monographic and group exhibitions, and various other medium- and small-scale presentations, including displays of its collection. M HKA plays a leading role in Flanders, having developed an international profile built upon Antwerp's avant-garde tradition of the post-war era. It is a cultural-heritage institution of the Flemish community and possesses a world-class collection of contemporary art. Its house for film De Cinema is located at the cultural meeting point De Studio on Mechelseplein.