PLUS-ONE Gallery (South)

During Antwerp Art Weekend, PLUS_ONE Gallery will presents under the title “Proof of Work - What’s at Stake?”, an exhibition dedicated to digital art and will it explore the possibilities of NFT-technology can bring to artists and the gallery.

In a first exhibition, it brings together a number of artists who each give meaning to their work by using digital resources or choose digital as an absolute medium.

The title of the exhibition "Proof Of Work - What's at Stake?" Plays on 2 levels. The technology is a great way to 'prove' authenticity, ownership and sale of a (digital) artwork in a transparent way.

But these technological changes put a lot 'at stake’. First of all the energy consumption issues for the heavy calculations, where fortunately change is coming, but also the position of the physical art gallery and how the traditional art world will deal with these new art audience of digital natives.

Despite the current NFT hype, PLUS-ONE Gallery chooses to look beyond the hype and embraces these new technologies and its digital resources that artists today consider to be full-fledged. And just like in the gallery’s program, curatorial choices based on artistic practices are made independent of the hype of the moment.