Can the metaphysical and the physical exist in one place?

The 17th century was a time of great advancement for science, but it also presented a curious juxtaposition between superstition and science. 500 years later and attempts of replacing ideas based on myth or tradition with scientific advancements seem to still circumvent our discourses where myths and reality are intertwined and provide “a poetic form of truth".

For its latest exhibition, Newchild is pleased to announce Foolish Fire, a group exhibition exploring art making as a means to create myths and/or truth. The artists in the exhibition seek to capture ideas of meaning and the construction of reality. A playful exhibition that seems to be inspired 17th-century encyclopaedias which, although still full of misconceptions, attempt to produce an account of observation of -and reflection on- real natural phenomena, the marvels of real life, exotic animals and foreign lands. A fascinating genre where the metaphysical and the physical coexist in one reality.

Utilising a range of mediums and aesthetic tools, the artists in the show present psychological interpretations of their world experience, where the real and the fake can no longer be distinguished from each other.