A totem is a symbol that holds spiritual significance and often represents a connection between humanity and nature. This group exhibition, featuring works by artists Kasper De Vos, Stefan Rinck, and Georg Wilson, explores themes of mysticism and serendipity inherent in nature, highlighting the enduring interconnectedness of ecological systems and reflecting upon the intrinsic harmony and vitality of our environment.

Georg Wilson’s practice delves into ecology and history, expressed through personal experiences and folklore. Her paintings, shifting with the seasons, depict imagined landscapes populated by ambiguous creatures outside hierarchical structures. Stefan Rinck creates meticulously chiselled stone characters drawn from a fantastical realm, blending elements of contemporary culture with historical references. His whimsical sculptures, reminiscent of Boschian visions, weave together satirical wit and dark humor. Meanwhile, Kasper De Vos engages with societal issues through playful manipulation of natural materials, integrating everyday objects into unconventional combinations that challenge perceptions of culture and consumerism.

Newchild was founded by Diego Castaño, Chandler Noah and Sarah Vanwelden in 2020. The gallery serves as a physical and a digital platform for established and emerging artists whose practice is defined by conceptualism, narrative and an ambitious technical approach.

Newchild was created to cultivate cross-pollination and meaningful exchange, fostering a collaborative environment for artists to explore beyond their established modes of expression. It curates a regular programme of offbeat exhibitions, participates in art fairs globally and works in close collaboration with foundations and museums.