Kunst in Huis

Part of this year's OFF program is Kunst in Huis, an organization that functions as a library where everyone can borrow works of art. An ideal formula to discover the fascinating work of contemporary artists from Flanders and Brussels and display it in your own home. Kunst in Huis annually renews their collection with a selection of 20 to 30 young artists at the start of their career. During the Antwerp Art Weekend, you can meet three of them in their group exhibition 'Who(s) care?? Artist(s) care!!'

Taking care of the other, taking care of each other. In a world where crises have been piling up for years and the consequences of the dire state of the environment and humanity are increasingly damaging - physically and mentally - the importance of caring for the people and the world around you, is growing. Gradually we are discovering alternative means to do so and artists are taking a pioneering role in this process. They develop - often in groups – ways of working together in a world where people reconnect with each other, with nature, with the earth. A world where care and cure are closely connected; where thinking and living is inclusive, with respect for every form of life. Consider it to be a gentle and playful resistance to the large and small crises that afflict all lives.

Kunst in Huis, an art lending organization where you can borrow an artwork, is not the most obvious partner for artists with a non-object-oriented practice. But we would like to state that any artwork potentially offers new insights or some comfort. From that perspective, Kunst in Huis invites in 2024 three such artists for its annual exhibition De Nieuwe Garde. All of them offer a shared experience in which care and cure are a unifying factor.

Each artist will shape an area of space and will activate it for a day through performances, workshops, lectures, etc. Be welcome, submit to their good care and contribute to it yourself.

16.05: All the artists will present different opening rituals.

17.05: Kapinga Muela Kabeya's connective togetherness at 14:00 and 17:00
(prior registration required, reserve your spot here)

18.05: Flor Maesen's fragmentary anthology at 14:00 and 17:00
(prior registration required, reserve your spot here)

19.05: Play Camille Wouterson's game in group at 14:00 and 17:00
(prior registration required, reserve your spot here)

Each actity lasts about an hour and 12 people can participate.
Participation is free but prior registration is required.

Would you like to experience the Antwerp Art Weekend in a group? Join one of Kunst aan Zet's Gallery Hopping tours. An experienced guide takes you through one of the four main areas of Antwerp: Zuid, Nieuw-Zuid, Borgerhout, and the historical center to explore the gallery scene in each area. Discover the artists and exhibitions, and meet gallerists in the good company of Kunst aan Zet and Kunst in Huis.

Find out more about the different tours here.

Prior registration is required, get your ticket here.

Each tour lasts about 1 hour and 30 minutes, requires walking from space to space, and are primarily Flemish-spoken. Are you an English speaker or do you have questions about mobility during the tours? Contact us for the possibilities.