Kunst in Huis

At Kunst in Huis you can borrow a unique artwork from a diverse and dynamic collection of 5.000 pieces. Ranging from drawings and oil paintings to photography and objects, we offer access to the work of over 370 artists. The collection provides a broad overview of contemporary art in Flanders & Brussels and is regularly updated with new artists and artworks.

Kunst in Huis is based in Antwerp, Brussels, Kortrijk, Ghent and Leuven. For 12 euros per month, you can borrow a unique artwork. You can also buy the works. Kunst in Huis offers the opportunity to young and lesser-known artists to present their work to a wide audience. They receive a financial compensation when their artworks are borrowed or sold. In this way, Kunst in Huis plays a role in strengthening and developing the position of the artist in society and the art world. Kunst in Huis also encourages people to develop a passion for art and to make it part of their homes by offering the artworks at reasonable rates. Kunst in Huis offers an easy and fun way to experiment and explore your taste in art.

Annually Kunst in Huis selects new artists who are in the early stages of a promising career. A selection of these artists is presented in a group exhibition called: ‘De Nieuwe Garde’. The artists are not yet known by the wider public but already worth discovering. Kunst in Huis proudly presents ‘De Nieuwe Garde 2022': Veronika Bezdenejnykh, Sarah Lauwers, Rabten Tenzin, Julie Van Kerckhoven and Jan Vandeplancke.