Galerie Transit

Galerie Transit brings together two younger artists from Antwerp with an artist from an earlier generation, who does not live and work in Antwerp. The confrontation of their works can best be illustrated with the following quotes:

“Any analysis of Van Meervelde’s representations lead the spectator – paradoxically enough – ever further way from the ontology of his work. No division between serious and playful. Humor is serious, and issues which are deemed serious/weighty are mighty funny most of the times. Confusion creates clarity. Humor illuminates: more lumen, less weight.” - Jasper De Rycker

“Sparklingly fresh, energetic, dreamy, comical, and a little sad, the work of Wouter Feyaerts strolls light-footedly through our human existence.” - Christine Vuegen

“Dondeyne challenges the viewer to look past the painted scenes and consider the reality they represent. The eerie, melancholic atmosphere in his paintings contributes to the confronting realism of the narrative and ensures that his work is personal as well as universal.“ - Eric Rinkhout