Transit shows works by Daniël Bellon (°1976) that depicts the perverse delight in the violation of flesh that the painter finds in the richly fabricated (often Christian) art history. It is from this intersection, of the impact of historical painting on the one hand and the sacredness of the violation and worship of a wounded body on the other, that the artist finds his inspiration.

In the evolution of the painter we notice that the references to Christian iconography become less explicit and that a personal visual language develops. Symbols and body parts are becoming less and less recognizable. Bellon paints a multitude of volumes, under, through and over each other, skin over flesh, lifeless over the edge of the table or stretched sculpturally. From a distance, the flesh is palpably powerful, limp, apparently dead or convulsing. Up close it disintegrates into paint, finger strokes and brushstrokes.

CAPS (Contemporary Art Projects) shows collages, drawings on lightbox, textiles and ceramics with the theme of the skeleton, by Peggy Wauters.