The Oracle

Part of this year's OFF program is The Oracle, an artist-run gallery founded by Annea Lyvv Dreisz. During the Antwerp Art Weekend, the gallery functions as a bakery where a selection of artists present homemade bread in a performative way.

On the occasion of the Antwerp Art Weekend, The Oracle wants to function as the 'bakery' and will ask participating artists of the Antwerp Art Weekend to bake a bread which will be presented in the gallery space while the lucky viewer can stop by for his 'Daily Bread' during the weekend.

In this way a thin line is created where one knows not if one walks in a gallery space presenting bread or a bakery portraying art. And what does art taste like? How does it influence one's daily experience? Bread has always been synonymous with wealth, destitution, God and the mundane. The bakery as a political and spiritual foundation for society... The artistic and cultural relevance of bread is as strong today as it ever was. Bread has appeared in art throughout history. The importance of bread for survival meant it also symbolised spiritual sustenance. A great example therefore is The Last Supper as portrayed by Da Vinci, where the bread symbolises the body of Christ, symbol of eternal Life. Vermeer, Van Gogh, Velasquez, Dali, Caravaggio and others have all included bread in their paintings. Bread has been part of human history for centuries and plays an integral role in our daily life. Bread created the structure of our modern day society and gave order to our way of living. Our daily bread will be delivered at The Oracle during the Antwerp Art Weekend as a festive experience. Artists will be announced soon.