'Luckx Interior' invites you to delve into the captivating realm of materiality through the artistic lens of Tramaine de Senna. With a profound exploration of the interplay between subject and their plastic forms, this exhibition serves as a testament to the artist's deep-seated connection with materials. Through a harmonious blend of sculpture and 2D renderings, including ceramics, textiles, and drawings, de Senna unveils the intricate dance between chaos and order, inviting viewers to ponder the delicate balance therein. Embracing the body as a tool of creation, each artwork encapsulates a narrative of process, revealing the profound beauty found within the synthesis of intention and happenstance.

Zena Van den Block works mainly with images from popular culture, around recurring habits and starting from a passion for collecting and an urge for patterns. She searches for translations of discovered patterns in behavior or use of materials and communication by creating context or reversing it. This is often done through play and chance. Publications and multiples are a recurring form of work given the flexibility and divisibility of the medium.

FRED&FERRY is an artist-dedicated gallery that gives opportunities to national and international artists. On the one hand the public presentation is prominent and how it is designed in dialogue with the gallery space, on the other hand the interested visitors get a unique opportunity to meet artists at an early stage in their career.