Celebrating their 5th anniversary during the 10th Antwerp Art Weekend, TICK TACK proudly presents le nouveau Biedermeier, a radical group exhibition curated by Lisa Junghanß, featuring over 30 international artists, challenging the resurgence of conservative values and aesthetics in contemporary art.

In the face of increasing control over freedom of expression, artists find themselves navigating a delicate balance between social acceptance and genuine self-expression. The exhibition aims to juxtapose contemporary artistic works with historical counterparts, offering a thought-provoking exploration of societal norms and their impact on artistic expression. Embracing the motto of being provocative, brave, and free, the exhibition calls on artists, critics and audiences to resist conformity and engage in critical dialogue, a powerful testament to TICK TACK’s parallels with the avant-garde spirit.

TICK TACK, founded in 2019, produces, presents and promotes international exhibitions and video art screenings, complemented with limited edition publications and an extensive digital archive. Housed in the brutalist complex ‘De Zonnewijzer’ (The Sundial), a 1955 key work by architect Léon Stynen, TICK TACK occupies a historic duplex at a vivid city intersection, facing the tram stop and landscape park 'De Harmonie'. The 6-meter-high window functions as an interface between artists and audience, and between private and public space.

The TICK TACK program is dual. By day, TICK TACK presents exhibitions, at sunset, the window transforms into a projection screen under the name CINEMA TICK TACK. As a result, both day and night, TICK TACK constantly challenges the physical and mental boundaries between inside and out.