Everyday Gallery

Marria Pratts’ multi-canvas installations float away from the wall and off the floor, adding to the buoyant dynamism of the artist’s unabashed brushstrokes, spray lines, scribbles and burned holes. She understands the surface of the canvas as a space where everything inserted doesn’t follow any rule of proportion or gravity and seems to float in the unknown. Pratts often sets her paintings on fire, a poetic destruction, introducing a performance element into her work. Strong visual compositions are created through vivid colors, combining a broad range of techniques such as spray guns, waxes, neon lights, oils, and inks. While evoking fun and freedom, Pratt’s oeuvre meanwhile addresses the political discourse by questioning being content with anything codified and expressing her gentle anarchism. Although she pictures abysses, she does it with humor and spontaneity. Her pieces are an act of freedom, visible in the ferocious and intuitive execution when making them. Pratts’ works are traces of her unique understanding of the world; one that does not stick to a certain structure imposed by our society, and intuitively seeks ways out of it.