Axel Vervoordt Gallery

Kanaal’s Escher Gallery features one of Kirkeby’s monumental unrealised projects for the city of Nordhorn as an elemental structure of eight adjoined cylinders clustered around a central accessible core. Nordhorn (1991) is a vast sculpture that measures almost eight and a half meters in length and width and with a height of three meters. It stands boldly in the Escher building as a counterpoint to the vivid architectural space created by the original industrial designer as a once-functional series of square and round spaces with cut-outs in the multi-level concrete structure. The experience of the work is physical—walking into each of the seven chambers, walking into the core, sensing the play of light and shadow, enclosure and mystery—leading to a new field of attention.

Axel Vervoordt Gallery is proud to present ‘Widening The Language', third solo exhibition at the gallery by German artist Otto Boll. The exhibition is about finding words with, about and through the works of art, as a result of the interaction between viewer and creation. The exhibition includes Boll's various results of his creative thinking, with all his work radiating a tranquillity and harmony, discreetness and preciseness, and with characteristic forms that seem to hover in front of or above background and surface.
Boll invites the viewer into a sculptural event, the conception of solidity fading. The minimalist sensibility appeals to human feeling, the bodily sensation. Words try to develop between the heart and the brain, between perception and production. For the artist, language is a framework, “a constant companion" in the discourse of his work. But unlike the art historical narrative that characterises many other creations, Boll's words are not about the content of the work, but about its genesis, or the feeling that describes the visual idea. Language occupies a fundamental role in the sensations of the whole body, and is always present. It leads to reflections, not to interpretations. As Susan Sontag wrote in 1964: compulsive interpretation conforms and refuses to leave a work of art alone. It is precisely this tranquility, free of interpretation, that Boll's work refers to. In his eyes, interpretation is "something conserving, preserving in an existing order."

Group exhibition in Henro & Ma-Ka at Kanaal.

“Silence gives space its heaviness; silence makes space audible. In such spaces we feel that our senses are finely tuned.”
Heinz Mack, 1961

This exhibition’s concept is founded upon the “fullness of the void” — the search for emptiness to find a greater space. Axel Vervoordt describes it as follows:

“Silence can be a way to approach unlimited space. For this exhibition, we’ve selected artists who are creating the greatest void in oneself, challenging the limits of artistic expression and pushing the boundaries of abstraction to acquire the greatest space of freedom.”

During Antwerp Art weekend, Axel Vervoordt Gallery presents a showcase with new work by Angel Vergara. These new pieces find their origin in his participation to Manifesta 13 in Marseille, where he worked together with children with a visual handicap to create Les belle idées reçues. The ideas and inspiration that came from meetings between the artist and these children, formed the foundation for a visual translation on canvas.

Please note that Axel Vervoordt Gallery will keep its regular opening hours.