Axel Vervoordt Gallery

Axel Vervoordt Gallery is proud to present a new exhibition by Dutch artist Germaine Kruip (°Castricum, NL) in the Patio Gallery at Kanaal. Over the past two decades, Germaine Kruip has been developing a practice that merges time, space and perception. In between the visual arts, the stage, and architecture, she investigates and presents her observations through architectural, sculptural and performative interventions. Kruip studies the scenography of ungraspable phenomena, such as the ever-changing daylight and the passage of time; the relationship between art and ritual in repetitive gestures, aiming to subtly alter perception; historical attempts to create abstraction by means of geometry – and finally the desires, theories and ideologies underlying these attempts. Kruip lives and works between Brussels and Amsterdam.

Axel Vervoordt Gallery is proud to present its first solo exhibition of American kinetic sculptor George Rickey (South Bend, Indiana, 1907 - Saint Paul, Minnesota, 2002). The exhibition, which will take place in the Terrace Gallery as well as in the open air of Kanaal, will show a selection of his sculptures, which he referred to as "useless machines". Often intended to be placed in public spaces, Rickey always created an intriguing field of tension in his sculptures, in which geometric, constructivist metal parts weighed up to hundreds of kilos but were set in motion by light air currents. The components of the works are chosen by the artist and always remain the same, but the movement driven by the will of nature is unpredictable and always different. The sculptures invite to a moment of rest and stillness, as they reveal their true nature only after some time and pause.

“I did not want merely to set a static art in motion, nor did I want to describe the dynamic world around me with a series of moving images. I wanted the whole range of movements themselves performing in a world of their own.”

Axel Vervoordt is pleased to present Chaos & Order, a group exhibition installed in Kanaal’s Henro and Ma-ka spaces. Chaos and order are dominant themes in the existence of the known universe and our experiences within it.

Today’s world, if anything, is defined by constant change. As humans, we often seek knowledge and information in order to apply meaning to the random realities of life. This is pursued through the creation of actions, laws, and structures, which aid in this understanding. It’s an eternal attempt to ease chaos’ inherent tension and somehow create a sense of balance in the perceived disorder.

According to Carl Jung, the founder of analytical psychology: “In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.”

The group exhibition, Chaos & Order, explores how artists employ matter, form, and creativity to examine the complex perceptions and interpretations at play in the natural world.

This exhibition not only impacts the way artists understand the continual dynamic entropic process of life, but also the viewers, who allow several interpretations of the complexity of reality.

Axel Vervoordt Gallery will be open from Thursday until Sunday, 11:00-18:00.