De Wael 15

Among the many ways to reconsider your relationship with time, the laundromat offers a transient space for thoughts to wander, for reflecting, for hoping, for anticipating. This eternal waiting room fractures the rhythm of daily routines of many living in urban environments. Pausing mentally while washing and drying fosters moments of introspection amidst machines and the scent of detergent. Or is it?

With her artistic work, Polly Pollet questions the nature of patience by offering subtle guidance for contemplation. Cleansing the mind while cleaning the laundry may see a little too obvious, but not for the self-discovering, reflecting soul. Every moment holds the potential for transformation and little moments of sheer enlightenment. Even in a space often overlooked or destined to be only temporarily necessary, you can recalibrate your thoughts, emotions, and priorities, or just decide to align your mind with the movement of the washing drum.

Wether you choose to soften your heart, strengthen resilience, or just make up your mind, waiting forces us to confront the present moment. It’s not just a gap between moments of activity, it’s a canvas for emotions, new ideas, and creative neural connections. What are you waiting for?

Originally launched as a platform for emerging artists in 2015, De Wael 15 has become a gallery for discovering new talented artists. The gallery hosts a vast variety of contemporary art exhibitions of the most prominent forms of visual art and creative media. They house eight exhibitions a year and publish catalogues and editions in collaborations with the artists.