For ‘An ideal for living’, SECONDroom invited artists te develop an intervention on the scale of a train diorama. An ideal for living also marks SECONDroom’s 300th exhibition.

Reducing our reality’s complexity to a diorama could be seen as an utopian method of coming to terms with the overwhelming nature of reality itself. It is a priori an utopian construction through which we want to reflect on how we perceive and interpret the world around us. The diorama and the model railway form a closed universe in which we can do this in a safe way.

"An ideal for living" refers to the idea that architecture and design can create a better environment. They do this by offering a living environment that is more efficient, rational and beautiful. Modernism, Functionalism, and Minimalism all sought an ideal society through design. "An ideal for living" perfectly summarizes that goal.

With interventions by: Johan De Wilde, Pauline Rima, Antoine Duchenet, Marin Kasimir, Aga Gabara, Erik Haemers, Stefano Calligaro, John van Oers, Pieter Chanterie, Hilde Overbergh, Guus van der Velden, Daniëlle Van Ark,…