During the Antwerp Art Weekend, /THE PLATFORM presents "Two Floors and A Door", a duo exhibition by Arthur Van de Velde (BE, °1998) And Alexandra Puşcaş (RO/BE, °1999).

VCRB Gallery, located on the ground floor of the shared building, is making way for the young generation of artists during this exhibition period. Occupying two floors (the original Platform space and the VCRB Gallery space) /THE PLATFORM is undertaking a try-out for the two galleries’ future physical independence.

In line with the spatial shift in exhibition spaces, /THE PLATFORM shows the work of two artists whose artistic practice is indirectly driven by the concept of space viewed from different angles. For this occasion, the gallery expands its physical and conceptual limits, in order to question and rethink them, same as the idea of artworks as autonomous and independent objects: their existence and meaning are inextricably linked to the physical space for which they were created.

Showing paintings and sculptures, the exhibition addresses how contemporary artists continue to embrace the concept of space in their artistic practice.

On Sunday 21/05 12:30, you can join the conversation between artists Arthur Van de Velde and Alexandra Puşcaş, moderated by Hilde van Canneyt. The young artists will discuss their practices in-depth and in a wider context, with their exhibition Two Floors and A Door as the starting point.