LLS Paleis

This annual group exhibition - exclusively with artists who live and work in Belgium - starts from the work in which they both experience the artistic encounter between them most explicitly. The intention is to refute (with humour) a possible influence that is often seen as taboo.

The exhibition wants to address how couples in which both partners are artists inspire each other. In dialogue, in doubt, in presentation, in many forms, one partner can contribute to a work of art by the other. As a 'compagnon de vie' and a fellow artist, the role of the partner as a sparring partner is inevitable.

Together with co-curator Lina Ejdaa, Stella Lohaus visited the studios of Willem Oorebeek and Aglaia Konrad in Brussels and of Liesbeth Henderickx and Kasper De Vos in Ghent. Inspired by the many conversations they had, they jointly chose the artworks to be shown in LLS Paleis.