LLS Paleis

Rejected figures, who once played an important role in a mythological story, populate the scenes of Yann Freichels' paintings. They are exhausted, almost their own shadow image, no longer able to act, turned into their own caricature.

They are surrounded by objects, allusions and symbols of all kinds: Christian, political, esoteric or from contemporary pop culture. The ideology they once fought for is already a thing of the past, the revolution they once embodied has been devoured by their own children; devoid of all knowledge and conscience, they are like zombies who simply cannot die.

LLS Paleis is an alternative art space in Antwerp, a free port for the visual arts, a place where artist can find an ally. Starting from this attitude, the organisation does not confirm traditional values of contemporary art, but focuses on the experimental and the challenging. This means LLS presents itself as the place where the structural and fundamental standardisation of the art world is questioned and the input by the artist takes a central position. Apart from solo presentations, larger theme exhibitions are organised, which, through their unconventional approach, contribute in a unique way to the discourse within contemporary art. The focus is on what is stubborn and less obvious in an artist's oeuvre, in order to spread a more intricate and broad understanding of art.

LLS 387 was founded in September 2007 at Ulrike Lindmayr's initiative, who was also the organisation's director until 2017. The name of the not-for-profit space refers to the address (Lange LeemStraat 387) in Antwerp where it was located. Stella Lohaus commits herself to the next ten years of LLS. From 2018 onwards, the exhibition space will be located at Paleisstraat 140 in Antwerp and will therefore be called LLS Paleis.