LLS Paleis

"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." - Animal Farm by George Orwell

The term "double standard" is well known in fields of study such as political science, journalism, economics, social science. It appeared in English in the mid-nineteenth century: double standards were labelled as unequal moral requirements for men and women. Misogyny has been called the world's oldest prejudice, according to some. Signs of misogyny already appear in Greek mythology. Today, misogyny can also be understood as a set of social rules to keep women in their subordinate place.

The works shown by Keren Cytter (1977, Tel Aviv) at LLS Paleis start from the notion of double standard: love, affection, sex, power, fetishism come together in fictional worlds. The seemingly improvised and chaotic content of her films contrasts sharply with the attention and concentration that characterise her detailed line drawings of interiors, shoes or animals.