Kunsthal Extra City

Kunsthal Extra City is blowing out 20 candles this year. For the occasion, they are organizing a 20-hour event, starting Saturday May 18 at 12:00 until Sunday May 19 at 08:00.

Get ready for a festive and critical programme consisting of workshops, screenings, artist talks, performances, DJ sets and a dreamy sleeping concert in the church. We will serve cake in the afternoon and cocktails in the evening.

Discover the full program here.

Kunsthal Extra City marks its 100th exhibition milestone with 'Ancestral Clouds Ancestral Claims', an enthralling collection of poetic video installations by the internationally renowned artist duo Denise Ferreira da Silva and Arjuna Neuman. Making their Belgian debut, they presents a mesmerizing exploration of "elemental cinema," delving into the interconnectedness of water, air, fire, and earth through immersive video artworks.

In these video's Ferreira da Silva and Neuman adopt an ethical-aesthetic standpoint that critically examines systemic structures such as colonialism, capitalism, and imperial injustice. Though the complexity of these themes, the artistic duo skillfully convey its message in a sensory manner, illustrating how a multi-perspectivist worldview can benefit both experts and novices. More information on this exhibition will follow soon.

Kunsthal Extra City exhibits contemporary visual art in a welcoming and unique setting. Housed in a former Dominican Monastery, Kunsthal Extra City seeks to become a bastion of the visual arts with a solid reputation both in Belgium and internationally. They offer opportunities to young artists as well as a platform for established figures to experiment.