Kunsthal Extra City

Made in X delves into the foundations of our global consumer society. The exhibition focuses on the extraction of natural resources and the obscured routes they take before reaching our homes. With Made in X, Kunsthal Extra City opens the second major exhibition at its new location in the former monastery site.

Our lives are full of products whose exact origins are unknown to us, not to mention the origins of their raw materials. From mobile phones to chocolate, from tea leaves to electricity. We all use these things with little to no understanding of how they are produced or distributed. Our ignorance does not benefit anyone apart from big companies and multinationals. Indeed, it only paves the way for social exploitation and exacerbates the tension between humankind and the rest of nature.

Made in X brings together work by international contemporary artists, each of whom focuses on a different aspect of the issues surrounding raw materials. Scrutinising both neocolonial and post-industrial standpoints, their work takes various forms, from video and sculpture to photography and installations. Each artist offers an individual perspective on issues of distribution, geopolitical interests, environmental problems, waste disposal and the steady depletion of our scarce natural resources.

Entrance, a solo exhibition by Kristina Sedlerova Villanen opens Bodies of Work, which will unfold in a series of exhibitions and events at Kunsthal Extra City from May 26 till June 12, 2022.

Kristina Sedlerova Villanen refers to the architectural heritage of Kunsthal Extra City's chapel by creating a site specific installation. The neo-archeological grounds will be infused with remnants of earthly materials, leftovers, and traces of human consumption. Sedlerova Villanen’s bodily impulsive gestures become incorporated in the space, where loops of time make the past overlap with the future. The artist questions the position of humans in situations of suspension by intuitive means and searches for a common language of communication.

Exploring the forms of collective curatorial practice, a group of 12 students of Curatorial Studies at KASK are founding Bodies of Work – an institutional body with a lifespan of three months, facilitating a program of exhibitions and events, while residing at the chapel of Kunsthal Extra City in the summer of 2022.

Come and celebrate the last day of the Antwerp Art Weekend with a drink in the monastery garden, hosted by Kunsthal Extra City and Morpho.
This garden party also ceremoniously closes the exhibitions Made in X at Kunsthal Extra City and Aay Liparoto: Fictional Ceramics for Failed Relationships at Morpho's Refectory.
Join us between 17:00 and 23:00.
More info and DJ will follow.