PLUS-ONE Gallery (New South)

Second solo exhibition of Mevlana Lipp at PLUS-ONE Gallery (New South).

(Human) Nature is the driving force behind the work of German artist Mevlana Lipp (b. 1989).
Plant-like creatures, that are reminiscent of undersea coral reefs and alien flora are recurring elements in Mevlana Lipp's work.

As humans, we have fundamental needs such as closeness and intimacy. These are experiences we as living beings are not able to live without. The plant-like entities act as symbolic representations for these human feelings and experiences. Plants do not have the same intellectual awareness as humans, yet they share some of the same behaviors. They merge and explore, grow towards each other, become entangled in each other and in this way seek and find answers to fundamental needs. The essence of nature is a fact that fascinates Lipp because it extends from the most basic form of life to humans.

Mevlana Lipp's work explores the boundary between sculpture and painting. Starting from wooden boards, Lipp cuts out the plant-like entities, creating reliefs that are placed on a velvet fabric. The velvet creates an intangible depth. Once the different layers are all fused together the foreground and background disappear into each other creating these sometimes otherworldly universes.