PLUS-ONE Gallery (New South)

PLUS-ONE Gallery presents the first solo exhibition at the gallery by Sébastien Reuzé. Sébastien Reuzé (°1970, FR) lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. His work consists of an exploration of the various applications of photography, its different techniques, related to the narrative, often derived from literature. His approach is versatile and comprehensive, and he utilizes other media such as scenography, video, sculpture, and publication. On a global level, Reuzé continuously develops research in terms of supports, formats, techniques, and presentation devices, aiming to enhance the subjective and expressive potential of daily life and landscape as a genre.

PLUS-ONE Gallery is a contemporary art gallery that represents and exhibits Belgian and international artists. Together with the artist, strategies are defined to bring the body of work to a new level. The gallery aims to build long-term relations with artists, collectors, institutes and other galleries. Moving away from a conventional competition-minded gallery model and creating collaborations focused on shared opportunities and networks.

PLUS-ONE Gallery was founded in 2016 by Jason Poirier dit Caulier. The name '+1' stands for 'more': the gallery strives for more openness concerning collaboration, more transparency, more Antwerp, more adventure and long-term thinking.