Sofie Van de Velde Gallery (New South)

‘Bend, stretch, relax’ shows the first duo presentation of works by Stef Driesen and Leon Vranken. This exhibition highlights the various facets of their artist’s practice.

Driesen’s expressive canvases are charged with both emotional and physical sensuality. While recalling human forms, his work operates a subtle balance between landscape and abstraction, a symbiosis between the romantic sublime and mortal carnality. Translating the materiality of paint into ephemeral fields redolent with contemplation, desire, and loss, his paintings convey the fragile and heroic nature of human condition.

Leon Vranken shows an approach to sculpture as a result of a (suggested) manual, action or movement. He places his work at the crossroads between the conceptual art, the action-oriented art of the 1960s, without sacrificing anything of his visual eloquence.