valerie_traan gallery

A duo show by Fernanda Fragateiro & Haleh Redjaian
with Lotte Stam-Beese as the big inspirator.

Fernanda Fragateiro is a Portuguese artist and sculptor. Fragateiro's projects are characterised by a strong interest in rethinking and investigating modernist practices. Her practice involves an archaeological approach to the social, political and aesthetic history of modernism through constant research using material from archives, documents and objects. Fernanda Fragateiro's work is three-dimensional and challenges the tension between architecture and sculpture. It reinforces the relationship with each place and calls the viewer to a performative position.

Haleh Redjaian is a German-Iranian visual and textile artist. For her, the line is the beginning of everything. The line connects one point to another, delineates a space and offers endless possibilities for inventing shapes, patterns and geometric combinations. Her work is situated somewhere between two and three dimensions. She often creates in situ installations, but Redjaian also thinks spatially in her drawings and tapestries. Each support is a space: paper, textile, or architecture. In this sense, then, the artist makes no distinction between drawing on a sheet of paper or drawing in space. What matters is perspective: not just mathematical perspective, but also an attitude we adopt. How do we stand in space and how do we relate to a particular idea?
Tamara Beheydt. (Website S.M.A.K.)

valerie_traan gallery shows the work of Ingrid Castelein at the 4th edition of The Galleries Show at Winkelcentrum Oudaan (Antwerp).

The Galleries Show 4 is a project together with 3 other participating galleries: Seventeen gallery (London), galerie Nadja Vilenne (Liège) and Office Baroque (Antwerp) during Antwerp Art Weekend.