Special Project: The Constant Cinema

Participate in The Constant Cinema:

a special project curated by Magali Elali and
hosted by M HKA, Antwerp Art Weekend's central location.

During Antwerp Art Weekend, The Constant Now showcases the work of four intriguing artists from different parts of the world, all working with film.

Each day features a new film, ranging from artist films to documentaries, screened continuously and accompanied by live conversations with the makers. Ndayé Kouagou, Rosine Mbakam, Kevin Osepa, and Brahim Tall, each with their unique approach, push the boundaries of film by representing and centering people of color (POC), reclaiming visual and narrative sovereignty.

This event is not just about the films, but also about the conversations and the collective reflection they inspire, especially within institutional frameworks that (cl)aim to be inclusive. The Constant Cinema is commissioned by Antwerp Art Weekend, curated and moderated by Magali Elali, founder of The Constant Now.

A non-gendered, fashionably dressed character engages viewers in a humorous conversation, parodying online monologues. The film reflects on the language and shallowness of influencer culture, pushing viewers to analyze themselves. Unlike other influencers, this character offers no solutions, inviting viewers to question aspirational content. Do we expect less or more? Are we trying to give or take? Is this about you or us?

Join the conversation on 16.05, 14:00

Ndayé Kouagou (°1992 FR) is a Paris-based artist and performer. His work explores unease, power, and vulnerability through self-authored texts. Exhibited internationally, he is represented by Nir Altman (Munich) and Gathering (London).

'Tukuleur' portrays a character (portrayed by Stanley Ollivier) of mixed ethnicities navigating Western society. Hair, posture, and skin color shift, reflecting representations from art history and pop culture. This ever-changing character exposes how our gaze interprets different bodies. The film explores the consequences of these gazes on personal growth, oscillating between acceptance and otherness. The character struggles to find their place, rocking between conforming and rejecting societal norms, trying to find a pose that fits but ultimately breaking under its weight.

Join the conversation on 17.05, 14:00

Brahim Tall (°1993 BE) is a visual artist who explores body, identity, and politics. Raised in a Belgian/Dutch/Senegalese household, his work questions his societal role. Graduating with high honors from LUCA School of Arts, his debut film, 'Tukuleur,' earned a Wildcard from the Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF).

This documentary follows filmmaker Rosine Mbakam as she returns home to Cameroon to reunite with her mother after living in Belgium for some time. They reflect on their relationship and her past, remembering darker times in Cameroon's history. In this exploration of hidden feelings, stories emerge, bringing life to voices kept in silence and illuminating the faces of the women who built her community and helped shape the woman she has become.

Join the conversation on 18.05, 14:00

Rosine Mbakam (°1980 CM) pursued her passion for cinema, studying in Yaoundé and Brussels. She has created six documentaries and two short fiction films while teaching at Kask in Gent.

Every day, Rowin ventures to Curaçao's rocky coast to fish despite his mother Gracia's disapproval. There, he encounters an apparition from the precolonial world, leading to wordless encounters filled with magic and synchronicity. Mother and son seem involved in a grieving process, but Curaçao's natural forces, steeped in mystical history, offer healing. La Ultima Ascensión is a layered ode to the island, embracing Afro-Caribbean and indigenous spirituality, symbolizing its untold stories.

Join the conversation on 19.05, 14:00

Kevin Osepa (°1994 in CW) explores afro-spirituality, queerness, and colonial history through film and photography. His work focuses on personal and generational stories, fostering collective healing. He has been nominated for prestigious awards, including the Golden Calf.

16.05 • Ndayé Kouagou
17.05 • Brahim Tall
18.05 • Rosine Mbakam
19.05 • Kevin Osepa

Magali Elali is an art historian and independent curator who founded The Constant Now. Her curatorial practice focuses on social change, empowering minorities, and representing counter-narratives. She has served as a guest curator at Museum Hof van Busleyden and operates as an artistic advisor, lecturer, and moderator.

The Constant Now is a nonprofit network and platform that encourages more inclusivity in the art scene through exhibitions, talks, projects, a manifesto, and POC POC, a mentoring program for emerging artists of color. It collaborates with cultural institutions and supports a nomadic approach.

Visit The Constant Now's website or follow them on Instagram, to stay informed on their upcoming projects.

The Constant Cinema takes place at M HKA, Antwerp Art Weekend's central location for his year, in their INBOX on the museum's 5th floor.

Leuvenstraat 32,
2000 Antwerp

The Constant Cinema is accessible for free.
Continuous screening can be visited on:

16.05 12:00-21:00
17.05 12:00-18:00
18.05 12:00-18:00
19.05 12:00-18:00

This project was made possible by the players of the National Lottery,
and M HKA.