Dirk Braeckman (BE, °1958) has explored the medium of photography in sombre/dark and understated images, for over forty years. The ‘Echtzeit’ exhibition at FOMU presents a dialogue between Braeckman and the FOMU collection. It shows the museum pieces personally selected by the artist, and also the new work that these inspired. Braeckman appropriates the pieces from the collection and the viewer experiences them through the artist’s camera, eyes and hands.

The exhibition RE/SISTERS surveys the systemic links between the degradation of the planet, the oppression of women and minorities and the degradation of the planet.

The exhibition brings together works from over forty international women and gender non-confirming artists. Through photographs, videos and installations dating from 1969 to the present, we see their view of our world and habitat as allies, victims and leaders. And how they present themselves as fellow resisters, fighting systems of oppression.

FOMU houses one of the most significant photo collections in Europe, featuring both equipment and photo documents. Each year, FOMU also presents several temporary exhibitions by nationally and internationally renowned photographers. Visitors can also attend lectures and workshops, as well as daily screenings organized by Cinema Lumière in the two beautifully equipped cinemas.