Tim Van Laere Gallery

Inès van den Kieboom (°1930, Ostend. Lives and works in Antwerp) has been painting since the 1960s, but has exhibited only 3 times. Twice shortly after she started painting and once very recently in Antwerp. From March 23 to May 20, 2023, she will present her first solo exhibition there with a combination of never-before-exhibited older works and new works.

Van den Kieboom finds inspiration for her works primarily in her everyday surroundings, but also in art history, popular culture and current events. She paints or draws her subjects through a filter of her memories or impressions, which ensures that she eliminates superfluous details and abstracts her subjects to their figurative essence. Painting from memory gives van den Kieboom room for painterly invention, allowing her to bring visual elements of a particular moment and the emotion associated with it to an image. This is also what appeals to the viewer and lifts Inès van den Kieboom's everyday themes into universal truths.

On the occasion of Inès van den Kieboom's solo exhibition at the gallery, a new monographic book will be presented on Thursday 18.05. The book is published by Hannibal and Tim Van Laere Gallery.

The artist will be present between 18:00 and 20:00 to sign copies, the publication can be purchased at Tim Van Laere Gallery.