Island Chain is a group exhibition of some relevant artists of Archipel arts workplace. They exhibit their work in relation to the raw former cattle halls and the outdoor areas at the former slaughterhouse site at ‘Den Dam’ in Antwerp-Noord.

Their works are like a chain of islands that are teaming together on the dilapidated architecture of the site. The synergy of this special group of artists creates an eclectic exhibition, which weaves a whimsical tale through the past, present and future of this place. It accentuates the emptiness of the set-aside land, the colorful berms, the concrete halls and the abandoned frigo’s with meat hooks. The environment inspires the artist and the works strengthen the environment, let yourself be guided from island to island in this great sea of lost history.

This is an exhibition space on wheels. Its habitat is the public, moving between places, presenting art interventions. A deconstructed car trailer, this independent art space is a mobile showcase for contemporary art. At each stay, it reinvents itself by the interactions with the environment in which it is placed. The presented projects enter an exchange with the outside world, changing their surroundings and letting their surroundings define the work.

II0II0 is a personal choice of works from their studio of the last year and It is divided into 8 rooms. Each room distributed an emotion of bitterness where they found the sweetness. Just take a look around you, the sweets are everywhere. The artists show both their personal work and collaborationist work.

A little word about the artists: Davey WAXX Verhaeghe goes fully into abstract, non-figurative art with little philosophy but loads of emotion. This is mostly reflected in his geometric abstract work with its characteristic chaotic horizontal lines, rectangles and triangles. his latest work is also present, where he leaves it to the paint itself how it drips.

James Lethbridge draws upon botanical sources of inspiration, he uses the fluid organic aesthetic of hot glass to construct objects which question traditional relationships between sculpture and lighting. In visual translation they can be interpreted as strange or unreal botanical flora, – almost ‘alien’, and they provide the viewer with a stunning interaction between glass and light.

Loods des Doods is an artist collective that makes mixed media. Recycled objects are the base of every artwork they make. They make a range of various art including masks, set-designs, videography, photography and audio. The world they work in variates from dark tribal science-fiction, street art and horror. And everything in between. Spaces are obscured and filled with dark sounds. Words are not adequate to frame the spectrum of it’s artists, you can only experience it.