In Vanishing Past(s), artists from various disciplines have come together to create a large-scale, site-specific art show that is inspired by the material and immaterial heritage of the site, such as objects, photographs, rituals, and stories from the Big Bang to now.

Vanishing Past(s) takes visitors on a journey through the fading history of Antwerp North and looks ahead to what's next. The exhibition is a farewell to the Archipel-site, as the city has new plans for the area.

Participating artists:

Yasmine Akondo, Bram Rombouts, Rooftoptiger, Locuratolo, Joris De Rycke, Alec De Bruyn, Siege Dehing, VEAUX & IKE, Fabienne Snellinx, Ines Ballesteros & Michela Dal Brollo, Luca Kortekaas, Adel Setta, Rex Tee, Elisa Bresseleers, Joanna Madclone, Jan Palinckx (Frieda), michaëlbeyers@Shanty, Ann Bevers, Zahra Eljadid, Lamine Diouf, Rochus Marr, Mara Harbon, Vincent Königs, Paul Müller, Rafaela Figurski, Maud Vanhauwaert, Árni Jónson, Dominique Vilain, Meri Toivanen, SoSo Artz: Ageeba Kromah, Wael Bazy, Davey Waxx Verhaeghe, Jonathan Tetteh, Patrick Vervueren, Brecht Heytens, Mustafa Girgin, Ninelia Markarian, Hongkai Chen, Farzana Yasmin.

This rite of passage takes the form of a semi-interactive performance spread over four days. A stage from the four-part ritual will be performed daily at 14:00. On days one and two, visitors are free to participate in the transition. Through this death ritual we purify and dissolve the souls who died at this location. After this energetic cleansing, we can start new beginnings undisturbed.

A performative auction of art objects, a cabinet of curiosities of collected artifacts, strange things, secret treasures and more, dug out of the artists' residences. A closing parade of 5 years of Archipel arts workplace will be dedicated to the catwalk with live music. Come out to see that and make a bid. Afterwards, the final party erupts in the same scenography with deejays from Alaize Soundsystem and the Zoology.

Défilé: 20:00 - 22:00
Soirée: 22:00 - 06:00