Callewaert Vanlangendonck Gallery

Marcel-Henri Verdren (1933-1976) studied architecture at La Cambre (Brussels). During the 1950s, he worked in the Parisian studio Atelier 17, directed by the British graphic artist Stanley William Hayter (1901-1988). At the beginning of the sixties Verdren returned from Paris to Ostend, where he became good friends with Jo Delahaut, Guy Vandenbranden and Gilbert Decock.

In 1965, together with artists Henri Gabriel, Emiel Bergen, Gilbert Decock and Victor Noël, he founded group ‘D4’, whose name referred to the four dimensions: optics, space, light and movement. With the arrival of Jo Delahaut in 1966, the group's name changed, opting for the meaningful term ‘Geoform’.
Together with Jean Dubois, Francis Dusépulchre, Victor Noël, Michel Renard and André Goffin, he founded the group ‘Art Concret’ in 1973.

Verdren is known for his powerful and subtle black and white geometric paintings and is finally re-exhibited in Belgium after many years of neglect.

Belgian painter and sculptor Gilbert Decock (1928-2007) is one of the prominent figures within Belgian post-war geometric abstraction and winner of the European Prize for Painting in 1966. With a very limited number of basic geometric forms, Gilbert Decock created an unusually rich and varied oeuvre over the course of forty-five years. Central to his work are circle and square, where the circle represented infinity (the divine) and the square the boundary (the earthly). He was one of the most outspoken defenders of pure hard abstraction in Belgium. Callewaert Vanlangendonck Gallery is showing work on canvas, paper and panel as well as some sculptures, from the 1960s on.

"Gilbert Decock" is een extra muros exhibition At Bulthaup Metropool, Jordaenskaai 2, 2000 Antwerp.