Het Bos

To celebrate its decennial existence, Het Bos invites a grand group of artists to envision its future. The premise is to approach Het Bos as a resort. This concept does not only refer to an artificial styrofoam idea of a cartoonesque holiday with ongoing buffets, activities and poolchairfights in a subtropical setting located in an isolated dessert. The resort as a mirage. But a resort can just as easily be perceived as a sanctuary or a refuge, which Het Bos has strived to be for everyone the last ten years.

Bostopia is the imaginative outcome of Het Bos as both the mirage and the refuge. Materialized by the never ending and forever expanding network of dreamers, doers, makers, thinkers, drinkers, conceptualists, idealists, opportunists, lovers and haters alike. A buzzing bunch of renowned rennomees, forgotten founders and nifty newbreeds such as Johann Kauth, Nico Dockx, Marlies Vander Straeten, Floris Vanhoof, Delta van Melle, Emilio Lopez, Rune Tuerlinckx, Ria Pacquee, Fleur De Roeck, Ward Heirwegh, Joke van den Hof, Boslabs, Benjamin Verdonck, Smila Zinecker, Anne Beumer, Ayrton Eblé and more.

During the opening of Bostopia on May 16, visitors can enjoy Het Banquet, a culinary installation and food performance by Kato Trappers & Jolien Van Dijk, while the musical performance of Brenda & Wendy sets the mood. A colorful artistparade, curated by Orphea Aerts and Nastia Krasinskaia, will show you the way.