Het Bos

Before the word even existed, mankind allready set up experience centers. Within our relatively recent heimathhistory, these were called fairs or harvest festivals and what not.
What all these initiatives have in common is that they bring people together, possibly connect them or even form communities, for crying out loud
We are social beings, that’s our inevitable nature.

Because bringing people together is at the core of Het Bos’ existence, we invited numerous artists to celebrate this nature through an artistic contribution. With the noncommittal, but compelling advice to draw inspiration from historical gatherings such as ballpits, cakewalks, shooting galleries, mussel soupers, camel races but also pumpkin boating, eel festivals and bumper cars.
After all, art can be experienced. Art unites people or even creates communities, for crying out loud

The ever expanding list of participating artists already consists of
Ante Hermans, Eveline Kurylak, Hamer Kormeling, Hussein al Lami, Jade Kerremans, Otark, Jesse Cremers, Lizzy Vandierendonck, Ria Pacquée, Sadrie Alves, Boslabs, Yorgos Tsakiridis ,Sarah lauwers and Jonas Beerts, Marlies Verstraeten and Fleur de Roeck.

Saturtday night we party, sunday morning we serve breakfast.
More info at www.hetbos.be