Het Bos

Het Bos harbours a land. The Land of OoF, the land where children, young minds and spirits rule. A fruitful realm with puddles and muddles in which one can playfully submerge in the world of fine arts and photography. The Land of OoF is inhabited by the indigenous Oofties Bogenna Ivanna, Rex Tee, Ann Bevers, Celina Vleugels, Jill De Graaf, Maureen Pieters, Hussein Shika, Julianne Noll, Absa sissoko, Adel Setta and Boslabs who will, each in their own particular ways, acquaint you with image, photo and experiment in the ancient tradition of OoFness.

During Antwerp Art the OoFties will open their borders and allow outsiders for a one off state visit. When in possession of the unique tourist visum and after the correct execution of a native handshake that will be explained upon arrival, you are free to roam this wonderful land.