Partners of Antwerp Art Weekend

10th Antwerp Art Weekend 16—19.05.2024 10th Antwerp Art Weekend 16—19.05.2024 10th Antwerp Art Weekend 16—19.05.2024 10th Antwerp Art Weekend 16—19.05.2024
10th Antwerp Art Weekend 16—19.05.2024 10th Antwerp Art Weekend 16—19.05.2024 10th Antwerp Art Weekend 16—19.05.2024 10th Antwerp Art Weekend 16—19.05.2024

Every year, we are incredibly grateful to join forces with a diverse array of partners whose generosity and dedication plays a pivotal role in bringing the Antwerp Art Weekend to life.

The Antwerp Art Weekend is generously supported by the City of Antwerp and Antwerp Art's members. But it truly is the collective efforts of all our partners, big and small, longstanding and new, that makes the Antwerp Art Weekend possible. Each partner shares a common bond—a profound love and appreciation for the arts. Together, we continue to cultivate a thriving art community and spark meaningful connections. And as we embark on another exciting edition of the Antwerp Art Weekend, we'd like to introduce you to some of this year's partners.

Thanks to the players of the National Lottery and the National Lottery itself, we're able to elevate your Antwerp Art Weekend experience to new heights at the iconic M HKA Museum for Contemporary Art. Start your journey at our official Antwerp Art Weekend Info Point, nestled within the inspiring walls of M HKA. Here, you'll find everything you need to make the most of your four-day artistic adventure. We can't wait to welcome you and embark on this artistic journey together.

Discover more about the incredible projects made possible by the National Lottery players here.

Since 2018, our collaboration with Antwerp's renowned fashion house Arte, has been a celebration of creativity and artistic expression. With roots in graphic design and a relentless exploration of diverse art forms, Bertony Da Silva's directional aesthetic pushes boundaries and challenges conventions. One of the highlights of our collaboration with Arte is the creation of a limited edition tote bag for every Antwerp Art Weekend, meticulously designed by Vrints-Kolsteren. More than just a fashion accessory, these tote bags serve as an extension of our visual campaign, offering visitors a tangible and enduring connection to the essence of Antwerp Art Weekend. Located in close proximity to many participating venues, a visit to Arte's store is not just an option – it's a must for anyone seeking to immerse themselves in the vibrant cultural tapestry of Antwerp.

Visit the Arte store in Antwerp or browse through their collection online.

Teaming up with Vitra adds an extra layer of inspiration to the Antwerp Art Weekend experience. Their innovative and timeless designs have had a profound impact on the design industry, making it a privilege to collaborate with such a renowned brand. In every tote bag, you will discover a carefully curated set of postcards, each showcasing Vitra's iconic designs and captivating imagery. These postcards serve as more than just keepsakes; they are a celebration of Vitra's significant contributions to the world of design. We're excited to offer you this glimpse into Vitra's legacy and to add an extra layer of inspiration to your Antwerp Art Weekend journey.

Visit the Vitra Partner Store in Antwerp or browse through their collection online.

The ten-year anniversary of Antwerp Art Weekend is not only being celebrated festively but sustainably as well. Redopapers transformed banners from previous Antwerp Art events into two unique notebook collections. A unique piece of Antwerp Art on the outside, 100% upcycled paper on the inside. The notebook covers are refillable and, thanks to the sturdy banner material, will last a lifetime. We can't wait to unveil the exciting outcome of this collaboration once the Antwerp Art Weekend kicks off. It's certainly something to look forward to and a wonderful way to commemorate this special milestone.

Get to know more about Redopapers or shop their products here.

Joining forces with Andy, Antwerp's hot spot for coffee, adds a delightful touch to the Antwerp Art Weekend experience. Andy's philosophy of seeing art in everyday things perfectly aligns with our mission to celebrate creativity in all its forms. Start your day of art-hopping right by fueling up with a strong coffee from Andy, indulge in their delicious pastries during a well-deserved break, or soak up the sun on their terrace while planning which venue you'd like to visit next. With Andy, every moment becomes an opportunity to appreciate the beauty around us.

Find your way to Andy or shop their coffee, gear and merch online.

Are you ready to embark on a cinematic journey like no other? We'd like to introduce you to Sooner, your ultimate destination for a unique perspective on independent cinema from Belgium, Europe, and beyond. Sooner offers a diverse and captivating catalogue of films that will transport you to new realms of storytelling and visual artistry. From timeless classics to hidden gems, from recent releases to cult favorites. Whether you're a seasoned cinephile or just beginning your cinematic exploration, there's something for everyone on Sooner.

But wait, there's more! In celebration of our 10th anniversary, we have a special treat for you. For every visitor who gets their hands on an Antwerp Art Weekend tote bag, Sooner offers a complimentary movie on their platform. That's right – simply grab your tote bag and elevate your Antwerp Art Weekend experience with a free movie on Sooner!

Sign up for your free 14-day trial or discover the collection of movies we selected from their catalogue.