Art is heating up

Summer is here and although some galleries and spaces take their usual holiday breaks, the Antwerp art scene has taken it upon itself to provide you with a number of Summer exhibitions, perfect for a visit during one of those warm Saturday afternoons. We'll list a selection for you right here.

Pieter Jennes is presenting his solo exhibition 'I can tell you stories' at Sofie Van de Velde Gallery South. The young painter draws inspiration from his Flemish predecessors, such as Jean Brusselmans and Gustave De Smet, but also Ensor, David Lynch and Werner Herzog. You can clearly see that Jennes enjoys the act of painting, while mixing in contemporary elements in his works. The exhibition runs until August 15.

Also in the South area of Antwerp, take your last chance to see Dennis Tyfus' first solo show at Tim Van Laere Gallery, titled 'Satelite of Lard'. The multi medium artist presents a new series of drawings, sculptures, installations and sound pieces. Dennis Tyfus is surely one of Antwerp's more renowned local artists and it's nice to see him landed in one of the cities larger galleries. Don't miss this show, as it ends July 15.

Although the show is by appointment only, TRANSIT decided to put together a Summer exhibition, fittingly titled 'Summer 21'. 'Summer 21' is a group exhibition featuring artists Arne Bastien, Daniel Bellonand Johan Creten, confronted with the works of Australian artists Tom Polo and Jenny Watson. The exhibition ends on August 15.

IBASHO follows suit, as they are presenting a hydrating Summer show surrounding the theme 'water' or 'mizu' in Japanese. '水 Mizu' shows works by 7 Japanese contemporary photographers, 2 Western contemporary artists and vintage works by 6 older masters of Japanese photography, in which 水 plays a paramount role. The artists are Asako Narahashi, Toshio Shibata, Miho Kajioka, Albarrán Cabrera, Paul Cupido, Mika Horie, Keiichi Ito, Tadasu Yamamoto, Osamu James Nakagawa, and others. The exhibition runs until the 22nd of August.

One of DMW Gallery's latest additions is Fia Cielen, who now presents her solo project 'Hedge Rider'.

As early as I can remember, I’ve had recurring dreams of another world, which I can only describe as a shape-shifting forest, inhabited by talking animals and phantom creatures. The way to enter this realm was always the same: through a garden labyrinth made of hedges. Once I crossed the hedge, the forest would reveal itself and my dream could begin.

Cielens new works can still be seen until July 24.

Annie Gentils Gallery hosts a Summer event with artist Marc Vanderleenen. The artists launches his new book: 'No Clear Thoughts: October editions', with a text by Danny Ilegems and it's layout done by Sven Beirnaerts, next to a presentation of new work at the gallery. Happening the 25th of July and with only a short exhibition window, until August first.

For the Summer months, FRED & FERRY invited artists Meryem Bayram and Marc Nagtzaam to enter into a dialogue with each other. The exhibition opens this Thursday at 17h and runs until August 21.

But wait, because there's always more. Find solo exhibitions of Alessandra Ruyten at de wael 15, Tesfaye Urgessa at Newchild and Chris Drange at TICK TACK, and a large group show at Everyday Gallery titled 'The Sun Also Rises' with artists Adrien Vescovi, Antoine Langenieux-Villard, Bertrand Fournier, Charles Benjamin, Fran Van Coppenolle, Natacha Mankowski, Sergio Fernandes, Taylor Anton White, XOLO Cuintle, Mirco Marchelli and Julien Saudubray.

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