Part of this year's OFF program is Off the Wall, the third edition of SUPERSTUDIO organized by Stellar. Stellar is a project by visual artists Katleen Vinck, Tom Volkaert and choreographer Marc Vanrunxt that connects sculpture, dance and performance. The title is a nod to the famous 1979 Michael Jackson LP. Unusual, unconventional, crazy, erratic, eccentric and freaky are a few possible translations. The large wall in Katleen Vinck's impressive studio in Duinstraat acts as a canvas for a giant assemblage with 3D work coming, sticking or crawling out of the wall.

During the Antwerp Art Weekend, no less than 15 artists or artist duos were invited to participate in Off the Wall. The choice of artists is intergenerational and eclectic. The connecting factor is a shared Off the Wall spirit. The exhibition is kindly supported by district Antwerpen, Kunst/Werk and Base-Alpha gallery.