Sint Lucas Antwerpen

During the Antwerp Art Weekend, Sint Lucas Antwerpen presents 'Not Into Decoration', a social-political exhibition. Social-Political art holds the power to be impactful due to its ability to communicate complex ideas, challenge prevailing norms, and evoke strong emotions in its audience. By engaging with political and social themes, artists can create a dialogue and foster critical thinking, which can inspire change and raise awareness of pressing issues.

Sixteen artists, most of them alumni of Sint Lucas Antwerpen, came together to create an exhibition where unlike most other types of expression their art doesn't care if it's decorative or not.

On May 16 between 19:00-20:00, there will be a performance by Lars Hiele & Pieter VandenHoudt at the Sint-Laurentius church. The address is Van Schoonbekestraat 155, 2018 Antwerp.

Sint Lucas Antwerpen regularly hosts exhibitions in their vitrine space with works by students, alumni, teachers or invited artists.