Sint Lucas Antwerpen

During Antwerp Art Weekend Karen Vermeren will create an artwork on the window of Sint Lucas Antwerpen. The work reflects on ideas about the Anthropocene and new geological matter. Buildings are contemporary fossil traces. Come and visit the live process of art creation.

"At the origin of her research lies the geological landscape. A limestone mine provides a city of mortar, cement and concrete. The stones go through the site's demarcations and move themselves from construction sites, ladders and nets to nestle in a new grid. Visualizations are added that focus on both the protecting as the exhausting of the resources. Methods of cartography are employed. The piece stands still at ideas about the Anthropocene and new geological matter. Buildings create contemporary fossil marks."

Sint Lucas Antwerpen asked their last year's students to participate in the ONBOARDS Biennale. 25 of our students will be selected to be one of the 200 art prints on Antwerp’s city’s billboards. Several of these art prints will also be exhibited in our showroom.

The exhibition will only run on Saturday the 15th.

Visit Sint Lucas, school of arts, during our guided tours. Discover our studio’s, workspace and ask us anything about studying at our school of arts. Fun fact: The building of Sint Lucas Antwerpen was recently selected for the famous architecture competition Mies van der Rohe Award 2022.