Schönfeld Projects

Schönfeld Projects presents the group exhibition Reconstructed deconstruction. For this exhibition, the Israeli-Belgian art collector and founder of the gallery, Elie Schönfeld, selected five artists who live and work in Tel Aviv.

Schönfeld feels like now is a pertinent time to dedicate an exhibition to contemporary art talent from Israel. Artists are struggling. Exhibitions are cancelled, projects are postponed and traveling is almost impossible. Today, even more than elsewhere, Israeli artists are isolated from the rest of the world.

During an exhibition in Brussels, Schönfeld has offered them an international forum. Now let's introduce these artists to the Antwerp art scene.

The five artists spring from different disciplines. And although they express it in very different ways, their fascination with the process of deconstruction and reconstruction is a common denominator. Each in their own way, the artists explore the power of composition, the relationship between the depicted and the original, and the tension between abstraction and figuration.