Pedrami Gallery

'Fertile Crescent' is a group exhibition with artists from the Vruchtbare Sikkel. The exhibition shows artists and their link with the Middle East, the unique diversity from the region displays itself in the work and practice of artists Eileen Sussholz, Wendy Krochmal, Klaartje Lambrechts (Belgium), Salam Ata Sabri (Iraq), Haider Jabbar (Iraq-Belgium), Tarek Shabout (Iraq-Belgium), Mohammed Alani (Iraq-Belgium), Abdalla Al, Omari (Syria-Belgium), Gil & Moti (The Netherlands), Roghyeh Najdi (Iran), Nasser Bakhshi (Iran), Mohammad Barrangi (Iran).

This exhibition brings art pieces together like a neolithical revolution, not of but for the "new hunter": the art lover or collector.

'Fertile Crescent' is curated by Philip Marquebreuck.