Pedrami Gallery

Pedrami Gallery presents a solo exhibition by Antwerp based artist Wendy Krochmal. From one moment to the next, situations change from being safe to menacing. Life becomes erratic and seems like quicksand. Oppressive rules and regimes are established. Rebellion could lead to severe retribution. Escaping or fleeing, leaving everything behind or going into hiding might be called for. Over centuries it has been so, in one region or other, sometimes close sometimes seemingly far. More and more, due to our interconnected world, effects of instability are far reaching and often felt at home. The faces and identities of the portrayed are hidden, making the pieces simultaneously anonymous and universal. The busts could represent anyone and everyone. The familiar shapes convey the timelessness of unstable and perilous situations.

As a warm spot for art lovers, Pedrami Gallery focuses on Middle Eastern artists. The small but bright gallery is located right in the middle of Antwerp’s trendy neighbourhood het Eilandje. Feel at ease with the handpicked selection by Iranian founder Katayoun Pedrami and get taken to far off lands by contemporary art pieces from the finest emerging and established Middle Eastern artists.