MORPHO presents a solo exhibition by Marianne Vierø, composed of three groups of works, each exploring sculpture in relation to temporality. Using wax, aluminum and photograms, the works consider the transformative potential of materials and methods against a backdrop of subjective gestures and stylized forms. Here, repetitions of visual markers create an underlying rhythm – a kind of riff, while the interconnections between the works bring into play a negotiation between continuity and changeability.

Marianne Vierø is a Danish artist based in Copenhagen. She completed a research residency at MORPHO from February until April 2024. Her residency is initiated and supported by the Thinking Tools Research Group at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. With thanks to the Danish Arts Foundation for their support to this exhibition.

MORPHO will also celebrate Kunsthal Extra City's 20th anniversary by joining their 20-hour festivities, performances and music in their shared monastery garden.

MORPHO is a non-profit organisation dedicated to artistic development. They give time, space and resources to artists, with the aim of fostering a dynamic and sustainable context for artistic work. As a studio provider, they rent out workspaces in a growing number of buildings in and around the city of Antwerp. As an artist residency, they annually host around 20 residents from Belgium and abroad whom we support in their projects and trajectories.