The Middelheimmuseum looks completely different today. Most of the sculptures were given a new, thoughtful placement in the art park over the past year. The new arrangement is thematic and reveals various, often surprising, relationships between people and nature. Many sculptures are displayed for the first time. There is also a lot of new work such as a large playful fountain sculpture by Camille Henrot. In the accessible open air depot, you can sometimes watch live as certain artworks are expertly cleaned and restored.

The park itself has also undergone a significant update. Some areas have been redesigned, new trees have been planted, and certain parts of the park have been softened. Brand new signage and clear explanations of the artworks make your museum visit even more engaging. Discover the many stories behind the sculptures, the artists, and the park. Your visit begins today in the new visitor pavilion, in the museum heart just next to the castle. You will also find the new museum shop there. The collection pavilion has reopened and now also houses the museum library.

Welcome to the Middelheimmuseum, to stimulate and relax you. Rediscover the familiar art collection in a new light. Expect the unexpected and be open to all that can be discovered. In the park, in the museum, and within yourself.

Middelheimmuseum, Antwerp's only open-air museum, is the place to go for an encounter with masters of modern and contemporary sculpture in the unique setting of a magnificent park. The works of important sculptors like Auguste Rodin and Henry Moore line the stately avenues and grace the inviting lawns of the park, along with contemporary artists like Dan Graham or Ai Weiwei. Guest artists show their work or create custom works for Middelheim Museum.

Admission to this inspiring and inviting museum is free. It is a cultural attraction as well as the perfect place for a picnic on a sunny day. In addition to its sizeable permanent collection the museum also hosts fascinating temporary exhibitions.