Jacobs' Booth

Part of this year's OFF program is Jacobs’ Booth, a refined platform, encompassing a unique 1950s cubical exhibition unit and digital stage with a focal commitment to the presentation of a singular artwork. Each piece, selected by an invited curator, undergoes profound analysis and contextual framing within the artist’s oeuvre and broader historical context. Jacobs’ Booth’s objective is clear: enabling an in-depth exploration of a single artwork through an alternative exhibition model.

For its inaugural exhibition, Jacobs’ Booth presents ‘Pocalyeap’— an exclusive preview of the work ‘Derivative Messiah’ by the award-winning South Korean artist Sinae Yoo, selected by the Italian curator Domenico de Chirico. Pocalyeap marks the up-and-coming Sinae Yoo’s debut in Belgium.

At this exceptional juncture, Domenico de Chirico and Sinae Yoo engage in an eloquent discourse with Jacobs’ Booth, unveiling an exclusive preview tailored specifically for the Booth. This includes a presentation of the fashion items featured in the film, designed to evoke the aesthetic of a fictitious cult-inspired merchandise line called ‘Pocalyeap’—a fashion brand created specifically for this project.

With a flexible and dynamic program, Jacobs' Booth provides solitary presentations visible day and night through its glass window, and digitally through their website and dedicated Instagram account. Jacobs’ Booth is by design an event-free gallery – no openings, dinners, VIPs or appointments.