From Me To You Space

Part of this year's OFF program is From Me To You Space, an artist-run space in Borgerhout, founded by Maud Vande Veire and Emmanuel Depoorter. Growing out of the activities of From Me To You publications, their main focus lies on the presentation of artist books.

For Antwerp Art Weekend, From Me To You Space has invited EDITIONS, a nomadic bookstore and project space for publications and performances. EDITIONS will bring together an array of independent publishers and self-published works from artists and designers. The presentation is accompanied by a series of events. 
EDITIONS focuses in this presentation on publications as original works and artifacts, and as manuals to artistic practice. In many of the selected publications, documentation plays a crucial role. Documentation in the form of publishing can help to capture the observational knowledge that comes from the creative process so that what is acquired or gained within the artist’s or designer’s practice becomes visible, accessible, and distributed to a larger audience. EDITIONS is organized by Zero-Desk and From Me To You.