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What constitutes a home? The central exhibition during Antwerp Art Weekend, Flowers at Room Temperature asks just this question. Curator Anna Laganovska brings together different artistic practices rooted in the domestic, revealing a ‘home’ as not just an external place, but also an internal space. They ask the audience to pay closer attention to the immaterial foundations our homes are built on: memories, routines, intimacy, our identities, and the passing of time.

The exhibition refers to the previous uses of De Studio, originally the stately home of a prominent Antwerp family and later a hotel. The works that now occupy its rooms build upon these tentative traces of domesticity, and draw attention to the meanings we assign to the objects that surround us in our daily lives.

Flowers at Room Temperature includes works by Flowers at Room Temperature includes works by Chantal Akerman, Marianne Berenhaut, Karina Beumer, Tony Cragg, Daan Gielis, Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys, Daniele Formica, Katja Mater, Céline Mathieu, Anthony Ngoya, Angyvir Padilla, Evita Vasiļjeva, Jean-Luc Vilmouth. 

Central exhibition events:

On 18.05, 19:00, Daniele Formica will perform in his installation in the central exhibition.

Join the talk with curator Anna Laganovska and artists from the exhibition on Saturday 20/05, 20:00, at De Studio

RADIO MEMORANDUM is a joint initiative of the visual arts sector in Antwerp. We are eager to discuss several key topics within the field — money, space, innovation and society — to gather input for a new memorandum that we plan to present to both local and national policymakers ahead of the 2024 elections. The conversations will be broadcast live via radio WE ARE VARIOUS and transcend local issues.

The broadcast is structured around 4 main themes: space (12:00), money (14:00), innovation (15:00), and society (16:00). These themes are the subject of several roundtable talks, in which each speaker brings a prepared statement, followed by a moderated discussion centered around the theme in question. If you would like to add something, feel free to do so muring our open mic, between 17:00 and 18:00!

Broadcast on 20/05
Moderator: Rens Cools
Visit us live at De Studio, and listen online.

12:00 - Space
14:00 - Money
15:00 - Innovation
16:00 - Society
17:00 - Open Mic

Young Collectors Circle is the platform for art lovers and budding collectors. During our festive launch of Young Collectors Circle in Belgium, in collaboration with Antwerp Art Weekend, you will meet other art lovers and collectors, hear all the ins and outs about Antwerp's contemporary art scene, learn from a seasoned Antwerp art collector and join us on a tour where you will gain insight into the city's cultural eco-system.

Young Collectors Circle opens the art world to a new audience bringing together a new generation of art buyers, aiming to strengthen the position of the artist. Together we contribute to a healthy, thriving art world. During our online and offline programmes, you will meet artists, seasoned collectors and art professionals, gain inspiration and learn how the art world works. For only €10,- a month, you have unlimited access to all our programmes. Curious? You are very welcome during our programme on Saturday 20 May!

In De Studio, rotunda


13:00 Walk in with coffee and tea
13:30 Welcome by Antwerp Art Weekend
13:40 Festive launch Young Collectors Circle
14:00 Q&A with Antwerp collector
15:00 Art Tours

Are you an artist or do you work in the arts? Do you have questions on networking, artist residencies, subsidies or international contacts? Are you looking for a critical sounding board for your new project? Or is there anything else on your mind that you’d like to discuss?

Flanders Art Institute invites you to an afternoon tea where you can simply walk in and join our colleagues Lissa and Femke for some tea, cake and a chat.

Flanders Art Institute is an interface organisation and expertise centre for visual and performing arts and on classical music in Flanders and Brussels. Flanders Art Institute wants to be an inspiration to all those who work in the arts, an accessible and reliable source of knowledge, a data supplier and fact-checker, a pillar of support, a connector and an innovator. We are happy to help you quickly find your way around in the world of the arts.

In De Studio, rotunda


Join the workshop Tales of Symbologies by Hussein Shikha and Sadrie Alves as part of the Antwerp Art Weekend public program on Saturday 20/05.

The carpet is a multilayered entity with many dimensions and functions, tangible and intangible. It carries stories and gathers people. Borrowing Foucault's idea of a heterotopia, the Persian carpet is also a plan-like representation of a Persian garden. Its motifs of the frame, central medallion and grid represent various architectural elements found in Persian gardens, such as the surrounding wall, central fountain, kiosk, and doorways. The carpet is also a subjective map of a locality, a temporary home, and a space for gathering. In this workshop, we will not only look at but see through a collectively generated textile.

During this training, we will look into our translated versions of symbols from tapestries as well as woodblocks inspired by different geographies from our intersectional backgrounds. These art forms are surrounded by immaterial cultural heritages—symbolic ornaments, visual languages—that have been undermined by the modernist lens of less-is-more.

Together, we will make use of our existing stamps to create a collective composition, analogous to a tapestry. Through the use of different media, analog and digital, we translate our locality into a tangible vocabulary. The workshop consists of a lecture highlighting our methodology and urgency, visual exercises, reflections, and the crafting of a collective body of work. This encounter is a space of theoretic insight and hands-on practice.

In De Studio, rotunda
Free, Reserve a place.
Bring items you would like to print on: tote bags, t-shirts, ...


Get ready to get shady. On Saturday May 20th, Antwerp Art Weekend hosts The Shade, ending our Saturday program with a bang in De Studio’s big room. Join us in celebrating the contemporary arts with dj’s Doppelgang, Ben Kamal, Lina Ejdaa, and Bayny B2B Emiljia.

22:00 Lina Ejdaa
23:00 Ben Kamal
00:00 Doppelgang
03:00 Bayny B2B Emiljia

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