De Studio

We need time and space for recovery. Not only from physical, but also from social ills. How can society heal from its self-inflicted wounds and from its collective traumas? Art can reveal those wounds and bittersweetly help us heal through confrontation and recognition. Collective healing becomes possible after individual detoxification. Through deep, sometimes even bodily, introspection, we must learn to make room for emancipation. This exhibition is an invitation to descend into an ethereal and visceral space of remediation; an artistic sanatorium where we question the existing frameworks of our corporeality and accelerate our societal metabolism.

Come to rest, learn and heal with artists Margaux Schwarz, Laurie Charles, Chantal van Rijt, Lysandre Begijn, Saddie Choua, Aurélie Bayad, Carole Mousset, Eline de Clercq, Lisa Ijeoma, Pélagie Gbaguidi.

Curated by Zeynep Kubat.

Subbacultcha is an independent community, based in both Belgium and Amsterdam, hopelessly devoted to emerging music and art. At the heart of Subbacultcha you’ll find a membership. Members get access to the most exciting concerts and events for just €8 a month. Together with this dedicated community, Subbacultcha is supporting artists from the start and give them the audience they deserve. The community also doubles as a meeting place. Members become part of a very exciting family; small scale but custom made, the perfect place to hear new music first-hand, hang with interesting people and witness new developments front row. Subbacultcha is the curator of the annual Nacht van de Beeldende Kunst. For this edition they put together a musical program of upcoming artists and DJ's from Antwerp and beyond.

Sergeant (live)
Kleine Crack (live)
Mad Miran (DJ)
Paco De Clercq (DJ)
Burenhinder (DJ)

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TIM magazine teams up with BOOOOOKS to host the second edition of the Antwerp Art Weekend Bookshop, again taking the distributional potential of the artist publication as its starting point. After last year’s success we aimed to bring an even larger number of artists together. Rethinking the local/locality, we reached out to our neighbours and peers across the Low Countries and into the Rhineland. We’ve invited artists from Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the Rhineland region to submit publications made in the last five years.
Join us at De Studio to browse through the selected publications that will be featured and sold in our Antwerp Art Weekend Bookshop from May 26th - 29th.

Stijn Wybouw is an artist who works and lives in Brussels. He is involved in many visual and musical projects that often overlap and which share an unflinchingly honest approach as well as penchant for crimson hues.
Wybouw seems above all to be exploring - and crossing - the boundaries between art and everyday life. He built himself into a wall, for example, or performed together with a boxer during a live training hitting an amplified wall. As his alter ego “KRAMP”, Wybouw releases records and brings performances assumes a red-faced identity to unleash raw machinations that take on ceremonial underpinnings through coarse compositions, murky drones, and warped vocalizations, all churned through the marshy fuzz of various tape recorders.
During Antwerp Art Weekend, Wybouw will present his installation 'KRAMP AND THE SHAKERS' at De Studio.

Engagement Arts is an artist-led movement tackling sexual harassment, sexism and abuse of power in the Belgian art field.
During Antwerp Art Weekend, Engagement will be present in De Studio. We will share some good practices, workshop and lecture material with passers-by, to engage for a safer and fairer art field.

De Studio is the Antwerp Art Weekend's central location, serving as the main information hub and hosting exhibitions.