De Studio

Antwerp Art invites artist duo and artist run exhibition space Deborah Bowmann to create a site specific exhibition in De Studio's biggest space: a giant black box. Titled 'The Spectacle of Our Lives', the exhibition is in constant motion, with artworks activating and de-activating, performers coming and going, light ever changing. No one moment will be the same and the line between spectator and artist will start to blur, as you enter the space and engage with the art pieces.

Participating artists are Anouchka Oler-Nussbaum, Stefanie Schwarzwimmer, Pauline Curnier Jardin, Elise van Mourik, Stéphane Barbier Bouvet, Laurie Charles & Nicolas Jorio, Théo Demans & Carolin Gieszner, Arnaud Eubelen, Benoît Gruel, Coraline Guilbeau, Romain Juan, Felix Kindermann, Eva L’Hoest, Stephanie Quirola Margaux Parillaud & Mie Frederikke Fischer Christensen, Clément Carat and Hugo Dinër.

Together with an ever-growing community, Subbacultcha is supporting boundary-pushing artists and initiatives in Belgium and beyond. The platform gives them the audience they deserve from the start by providing an affordable membership to like-minded music and art enthusiasts.
During Antwerp Art Weekend, Subbacultcha is hosting a unique exhibition, showcasing the works from their community for the first time in real life. You can expect a wide range of art, submitted by members and collaborating artists. Catch an offline glimpse of the emerging artists in the scene.

Here's the full list of over one hundred artists: Adel Setta, Alana Knight, Alexandra Theunis, Alies Torfs, Amnesia Scanner, Andro Boulougouris, Andy Eeckhaut, Anne Podevyn, Annelore De Cock, Anthony Ngoya, Antoine Dechambre, Antoine Grenez, Arthur Dufoor, Astrid Vandendael, Boris Deben, Briek Lesage, Carmen Pazos, Catherine Lemblé, Cato Crevits, Charlotte Daniëlse, Chloë Nuñez-Garcia, Clara Duflos, Clara Van Severen, Clara Wouters, Clara-Lane Lens, David Smulders, Denisa Teglas, Elisa Maenhout, Emma Terweduwe, Emmeline Geiregat, Eva Donckers, Eva Lynen, Fleur De Roeck, Geran Knol, Gelique Pirard, Guillaume Varache, Hannah Brugge, Hanne Fatah, Hanne Van Assche, Herlinde Raeman, Hyun De Grande, Jean-Samuel N'Sengi, Jeanne Dubé, Jill Verhaeghe, Joanna Maria Druyts, Joëlle Dubois, Jonas Reubens, Julia Garcia Rubio, Julie Pittevils, Julie Van Eyck, Kayla Van Durme, Ken Meersman, Lara Gasparotto, Leda Devoldere, Leen Hoogmartens, Lidia Sciarrotta, Lieven Van Vercruyssen, Liia Kosolovska, Linde Stevens, Lisa Gautama, Liz Verbruggen, Louise De Buck, Louise Degraeve, Louise Delanghe, Lynn Elshof, Maarten Van Mieghem, Manon Leneveu, Mathieu V. Staelens, Max Dreezen, Maxim Ryckaerts, Mayli Sterkendries, Michiel Debusseré, Mieke Galle, Migena Demaj, Natasha Pirard, Natasja Mabesoone, Nick Moons, Nina Vandeweghe, Oriane Verstraeten, Paule Josephe, Paulien Jans, Pauline Colleu, Phaedra Van Genabet, Quintano & Larpie, Rachel Daniëls, Ramy Moharam Fouad, Rein De Wilde, Renaat Nijs, Sam De Buysere, Sander Adriaens, Sander Mortier, Sara De Graeve, Sarah De Bruecker, Seppe Dyck, Seppe Vancraywinkel, Sharon Van Cleuvenberg, Shervin Sheikh Rezaei, Shirley Villavicencio Pizango, Sofie Devriendt, Stijn De Pourcq, Sven Goewie, Tessa Van Thielen, Thor Salden, Tine Vandamme, Tineke De Meyer, Ulana Perveeva, U.S. Girls, Valerie De Backer, Violet Braeckman, Virginie Corens,Yaqine Hamzaoui & Zeste Le Reste.

During AAW 2021, TIM will launch its second issue and expand its print platform by hosting the very first AAW bookshop. The bookshop brings together a selection of self-published works by local artists and artist publications, books and magazines issued by participating galleries. Of course, you can also get your hands on the brand new TIM magazine: TIM #2 — the business issue — will be launched during AAW!

TIM magazine is a new Antwerp based artist magazine that creates opportunities for artists to meet, openly talk about their practice and showcase their work. TIM connects both emerging and established artists and encourages them to have an open dialogue about their art, while also providing them with a platform to connect with a new audience.

TIM loves you, artists, and books!
Find TIM bookshop at De Studio during AAW 2021.

De Studio is the Antwerp Art Weekend's central location, serving as the main information hub and hosting exhibitions, a bookshop, screenings and performances.