Part of this year's OFF program is CURRENT, an artist run initiative founded on the understanding that an ever changing environment demands an equally fluid cultural response. Untethered by institutional constraints, they seek to experiment with new ways of connecting the public and the arts. In recognition of the thriving art scene in the city of Antwerp, they intend to do so by enabling the vast amount of talented artists, both local and international, to play with new modes of expression and communication, independent of discipline and background.

CURRENT is an iterative project, meaning its character is free to evolve along with its participants. Today, CURRENT resides in an historic building in the New South district, housing the studio of its founding members Yuxi Lu, Jesse van Dun, Priscilla Gils, and Philip M B Lovric.

For the Antwerp Art Weekend, they are collaborating with artist and curator Hilde Borgermans. The exhibition is kindly supported by MONUMENTO.