Ballroom Project

Ballroom Project is a unique creative and commercial platform that provides a space for non-Antwerp based galleries to showcase their artists' works. The project employs a talented curator who curates an exhibition concept based on submissions from participating galleries. This approach aims to avoid the traditional 'art fair feel' by creating a unique and engaging experience for visitors.

Thanks to the Ballroom Project's curator, the exhibition is tailored to the specific dynamics of the exhibition space, creating an immersive and engaging experience for visitors. The project's curated approach ensures that every piece of artwork is presented in the best possible light and offers an opportunity to showcase the work in a dynamic and creative environment.

Overall, the Ballroom Project is an exciting and innovative creative and commercial platform that has become a must-see event for art lovers in Antwerp and beyond.

Where do you start as a novice art buyer? In this workshop, you will get an interactive introduction full of tips & tricks on buying art.

What is the process of buying art?
How are art prices determined?
How does a gallery work?
How do you develop your own taste?
How do you present it in your home?
... and many more questions will be answered in this workshop.

The workshop takes place at Ballroom Project in BorgerHub, where you'll find a range of artworks from both young and established artists. Each workshop is led by Tim Vanheers of Artshizzle, who guarantees an interactive approach.

Practical information:
→ Groups of max. 15 participants
→ Price: 10 euro per person, register here.
→ Each day at 10:00 and at 11:30. The workshop at 10:00 takes place before opening hours, in peace and quiet. Each workshop lasts about 1 hour.