Annie Gentils Gallery

Art critic and art historian Tamara Beheydt and artist Guy Van Bossche put together 'Bow a Head', a group exhibition featuring contrarian contemporary artists. The exhibition takes place at Tarmac Art Collective and Annie Gentils Gallery.

Group exhibitions are encounters, places of meeting, exchange and community. Everything begins with the conversation. In a conversation between two curators, very different artists and practices emerge, but with in common an aversion to trends, a subversive voice, a certain elegance, a modest but tenacious virtuosity. They offer a counterpoint to the currents that call the tune in the marketplace. They show that what matters often gets under the skin, teeters, bends, dances or struggles.

Tarmac Art Collective and Annie Gentils Gallery both have a long history and feel the need to be something more than themselves. This is how this cross-pollination was born: a meeting between two spaces taking a leap and throwing themselves into an exchange of mutual trust, with each other, with a group of artists, with different audiences.

The exhibition at Tarmac Art Collective in Meerhout takes place from May 4 until May 26, 2024.

Annie Gentils Gallery, founded in 1986, presents contemporary multimedia and conceptual work, as well as painting and sculpture. The gallery has two floors. This makes it possible to organise two concurrent exhibitions or to make an important solo exhibition or group exhibition.

Their aim is to to give a platform to contemporary Belgian and international artists, some even from the early beginnings of their artistic development. The gallery is well known for his consistent line of quality and critical engagement. Publications and editions have supported the activities of the gallery from the early years until today.