Annie Gentils Gallery

We are happy to invite you at the second solo exhibition of STEFAAN DHEEDENE here in the gallery. Stefaan Dheedene is born in Kortrijk-Belgium, (1975, lives and works in Ghent – Belgium. He is Head Department Autonomous Art and lector at KASK, Ghent).

Stefaan Dheedene is concerned with the functional, unpretentious object. He subjects it to non-functional study, to observation and exercise; he applies experimental, material procedures to it. His artistic production, consisting mainly but not exclusively of sculptural work and installations, is controlled, as it were, by ‘findings’; by an unintentionally revealed potential for imitation, association, or transformation. In the studio – practice, workshop, thinking place - another 'political' order is imposed on us: a kind of shift of role and meaning.

On Friday 19.05, 15:00, Annie Gentils Gallery hosts the live concert of MOKER (Matthias Vandewiele, Giovanni Barcella, and Bart Maris) in STEFAAN DHEEDENE's exhibition, LIMBO.