Annie Gentils Gallery

The exhibition by artist Stefaan Dheedene is the conclusion and relocation of a previous show that was loaned out to its visitors for a year. The previous show in Yuri G. Gallery in Antwerp (May 2020) displayed a total of 29 hammers in varying combinations of lengths, weights, heads and handles, and arranged in 9 wooden frames. Additionally, a total of 9 yokes in three variations, were displayed together on a stand. The hammers and the yokes were loaned out to those who visited the show, resulting in an exhibition of empty frames and gaps. They served as a promise to meet at a future date, when the hammers would be returned.
During the opening weekend of this new show, the loan will end and each hammer or yoke will be returned to its original frame or stand. The current show will include additional hammers, one puddle and a firm promise of future schemes. A publication will be available as a report of the loan.

New works by Stefaan Dheedene will be on view at the first floor of the gallery. Stefaan Dheedene ( °1975 Kortrijk) lives and works in Gent.