Annette De Keyser Gallery

Thirty years of Annette De Keyser Gallery. Three passionate decades shared with artists and visitors. All driven by a growing awareness of the need for an essential art, an art that touches the soul and opens the heart. Which is something to celebrate. Nine gallery artists, young and old, come together in a festive group show that runs the gamut from ardour to stillness, from new work to previously exhibited pieces, and in which everything resonates. The resonance is amplified by the ‘songs of source’ recordings: sound that manifests itself through my voice, which acts as a binding force. The gallery thus becomes a healing space. Private ‘sound healing’ sessions are available by appointment during the week.

Since 1993, Annette De Keyser Gallery has brought together seemingly different Belgian and foreign artists for the strength, authenticity and honesty of their work. Most important, however, is their ability to create a positive, uplifting experience. Their works are tools for transformation: they are mirrors to reach, to touch and to awaken the soul.

If you would like to visit the exhibition outside of the Antwerp Art Weekend, and ensure an undisturbed and intense experience, you can visit the gallery by appointment on weekdays. No reservations are necessary on Saturdays.