AAIMACHINE is the studio and gallery of artist Lieven Segers, in which public or private artistic interventions take place at an irregular rhythm. 'The Casa Lina Connection' is the first group exhibition in AAIMACHINE.

Casa Lina was a country house in Andalucia of Lieven Segers where there were regular meetings with artists and friends between 2002 and 2022. While the intended stay for the artists was to provide a point of resort, many artistic thoughts and actions have found their origin there.

The center of the exhibition 'The Casa Lina Connection' finds itself in no matter how hard real artists try not to act or create, they mostly fail to do so. For the true artist it is impossible to go on a break.

'The Casa Lina Connection' is therefore a hopeful exhibition for art as well as a nostalgic ode to Casa Lina.