Sugar for the Pill • Saddie Choua

Saddie Choua (°1972, BE) often wonders, ‘Am I the only one who is like me?’ Her work is a reflection about the hierarchies of power that are at play in the consumption of images of the Other. For this exhibition, she shares with us some of her recipes against racism. Racialised people and people from migrant backgrounds often suffer from health problems that are caused by the stress and trauma of racism and discrimination. Often advised to take painkillers and to stay away from stress by medical practitioners, they have to resort to find their own cures and ways of self-care. The recipes are brought by the image of Yma Sumac, a Peruvian singer who became a world star in the fifties, but who was also exoticised as ‘the Inca princess’ who sang folkloric Quechua songs to a white public. Saddie invites the viewer to heal alone together.
You are invited to lie down in the hammock, listen to Toni Morrison reading from her book ‘The Bluest Eye’, and to leave your own recipe in Saddie’s book!

Work in Sugar for the Pill:
• Yma Sumac Series, 2020 - ongoing. Multimedia installation.

Saddie Choua studied sociology and lives and works in Brussels, Ostend and Tinos. She uses meta-documentary tactics, collage, own (material, re-appropriation of popular intercultural formats and autobiographical elements to put racism, discrimination against women and class and her cats in the spotlight. She creates a new pseudo-realistic imaginary world that is at once highly recognisable and utterly alien. It is her way of undermining the (visual) language of our media and sharpening the critical and political gaze of her audience. The challenge is to create ‚situations' that reveal the power structures behind the images that we internalise and reproduce. She is a doctoral researcher at the RITCS filmschool in Brussels and a lecturer at Sint Lucas school of arts Antwerp and the RITCS. She is part of the artist collective ROBIN. She is one of the laureates of the Belgian Art Prize 2020.