Sugar for the Pill • Carole Mousset

Carole Mousset

Life-giving fluids, dew and mist enter the space with the work of Carole Mousset (°1994, FR). In her work, she depicts what is inside us, what is closest in our bodies to ourselves and to nature. A water basin seems to made out of flesh. For her series of skin paintings, Carole was inspired by the story of the Virgin Mary’s mystic lactation. In many cultures, certain bodily fluids and the closeness to our haptic feelings and abilities has been dismissed into the realm of taboos. Our saliva, our phlegm, the membranes of our moist skin, and the milk of our fertility all remind us that we are creatures of nature. The natural is often associated with the feminine, the feral, the chaotic and the indecent, or in other words: with evil. Yet, sometimes a recourse into mysticism could open the door again for natural, non-binary and non-anthropocentric views on nature.

Works in Sugar for the Pill:
• L’étreinte, 2021. Oil paint on canvas.
• L’équilibre des courants cosmiques, 2021. Oil paint on canvas.
• Le lait de Rorschach, 2021. Oil paint on canvas.
• L’envol du cygne, 2020. Oil paint on canvas.
• Lentus, 2020. Expansive foam, plaster, paint, water, Mistmaker, paraffine.
• Trouble Minded, 2021. Ceramics, plastic pipe, water pump, food colouring, water.

Born in France in 1994, I have been living and working in Brussels for six years. Following a degree at the ESBA of Nantes Métropole, I decided to follow a master's degree in painting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. Today I continue to paint, but also work on sculpture and photographic manipulation around questions relating to the body and our relationship to intimacy. I have participated in exhibition projects in Brussels such as the collaborative solo with Tristan Gac at Decoratelier invited by Leaving Living Dakota but have also exhibited in Liège for the 6th edition of Art Au Centre 2021, at B32, artist run-space in Maastricht or with the Socle Collectif in Kiev in 2019.