Sugar for the Pill • Margaux Schwarz

Margaux Schwarz

The media, words and tones of voice we communicate with influence the power dynamics in a conversation. In her performative works, Margaux Schwarz (°1986, FR) unravels the titillating boundaries between the cryptic and the conceivable. For this exhibition, she created a sound piece about the power play and transactional character of instructions, hidden behind the doors that give access to the corridors of the former bank vaults. A female voice gives instructions in the name of an unspecified ‘We’. Her interactions are akin to a kind of training, alternating between an infantilising, condescending, mothering, and authoritarian tone, whenever she is not dominated herself. Through the voice of the woman, we trace and retrace the steps taken in several relationships between a trainer, her apprentice and their clients.

Works in Sugar for the Pill:
• Instructions (#0.b RED LEATHER COMFORT), 2022. Sound, 15’00 min, red leather armchair. Voice: Irina Jasnowski Pascual.

Margaux Schwarz is a French artist and researcher based in Brussels. Her work takes many forms, such as conversational performances, sound pieces, short stories, scripts, or events. It examines the prominent role of dramaturgy, performativity, and story-telling in our technology-driven society. Her doctoral research (UHasselt / PXL-MAD School of Arts) is informed by fields such as digital anthropology or sociology of work. It explores power structures in language and communication, with a specific focus on performative strategies used in socio-professional interactions.