Especially for the Antwerp Art Weekend, UHF organizes the Straight-To-Video Film Fest in Antwerp’s the last video store, which will close its doors after 34 years in December 2021.

UHF is a temporary artist-run initiative, dedicated to video art and artists who examine moving images in a relevant way. UHF focuses on supporting, presenting and researching video art and the various ways in which it can be distributed. The name UHF (Ultra High Frequency) is derived from the wavelength of television signals. This frequency is very saturated, easily blocked by major obstacles and is increasingly occupied by mobile telephones. As a time-based medium, video has a rather paradoxical relationship with time. Although it passes by incredibly quick, it also requires an enormous amount of time to really consume it.

By placing itself outside the cinema or exhibition space, UHF seeks out a contextual experience that can infiltrate the work. In this sense, UHF has more in common with television than with cinema.

Opening hours: 15h00-22h00.