Tussen Twee Wallen - Het Steen

The exhibition "Tussen Twee Wallen" takes place at two historical locations in Antwerp: Het Steen and Keizersbastion. Both locations have played an important role throughout the centuries as gateways to the city and carry a rich history. In the exhibition, contemporary works of art are presented in an intriguing way in a historical context.

Four artists, Winnie Claessens, Lydia Hannah, Fran Van Coppenolle and Hannelore Vandepoel, have been invited to present their work at these locations. The content of the exhibition is determined by the relationship each artist enters into with the historical and archaeological sites.

"Het Steen" is the oldest preserved building in Antwerp and a former ring fortress. In the reading room, the painting "The Lady on the Fish Market" is presented as the central work, which is borrowed from the Rubenshuis. This work forms a beautiful contrast with the historical context of Het Steen and shows how artworks and historical sites can reinforce each other.

This exhibition is a special collaboration between Visit Antwerp and the Department of Archeology of the City of Antwerp, initiated by Winnie Claessens. The exhibition creates a subtle symbiosis between contemporary art and the rich historical context of the city of Antwerp.